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Federation Sim Fleet (abbreviated FSF) is a simming club that was founded in January 1997. Its history, however, can be traced back to the USS Melbourne sim in March 1993. FSF is generally considered to be one of the most influential clubs in simming history.

Sims and ActivitiesEdit

The Federation Sim Fleet runs over two dozen chat, e-mail and message board sims spanning a number of genres, including Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate, Firefly, Charmed, and Vampire sims. FSF also presents both the Shuni Awards and FSF Host of the Year annually.


The FSF is divided into subfleets, each commanded by a Fleet Commanding Officer and Fleet Executive Officer. Many credit FSF's structure as the primary reason for its immense size and stability. Often duplicated and imitated, the FSF has been at the forefront of innovations in gaming interfaces, website services, Account Management System (AMS), and most recently, fully integrated mailing list, forum, and email softwares.

Active FleetsEdit

Inactive FleetsEdit


Main Article: History of Federation Sim Fleet

Federation Sim Fleet was launched in January 1997. It was one of three groups to form in the aftermath of United Federation's historic December 1996 collapse. Federation Sim Fleet then went on to become of the most influential clubs in simming history.


The following clubs have been absorbed by Federation Sim Fleet:

Honorary Members & Hall of FameEdit

Main Article: FSF Honorary Members & Hall of Fame

Major AwardsEdit

Entities from Federation Sim Fleet have won more Simming Prizes (8) and Simming League Distinguished Service Medals (3) than any other club.

Laureate Award Year
USS Providence Simming Prize 2009
Tom Leyton Simming League Distinguished Service Medal 2008
Jay Truce Simming Prize 2007
Jon Shuni Simming Prize 2006
Jay Truce Simming League Distinguished Service Medal 2006
Goran Agar Simming League Distinguished Service Medal 2006
Joe Ferguson Simming Prize 2004
Federation Sim Fleet Simming Prize 2003
Gabriel Logan Simming Prize 2002
Federation Sim Fleet Simming Prize 2001
Federation Sim Fleet Simming Prize 2000

Command TimelineEdit

Time CO XO
1997-2000 Jon Shuni unknown
2000-?? Jon Shuni Thomas Puckett
20??-?? Jon Shuni William Calhoun
20??-12 Jon Shuni FSF Truce
2012-current Jon Shuni FSF Titan

External LinksEdit

Federation Sim Fleet
History | Shuni Awards | Host of the Year | Honorary Members & Hall of Fame

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