The 'Souls RPG is a werewolf and canine online role-playing community.  It is set in a post-apocalyptic universe in the Canadian province Nova Scotia, 22 years after mankind's demise.


'Souls RPG was established as Bleeding Souls on November 18, 2001. It was a predominantly wolf role-playing forum, and has since evolved into a mainly werewolf role-play. Initially hosted on Ezboard, 'Souls RPG later moved to a self-hosted InvisionPowerBoard. Currently, the community consists of many users with advanced writing and a diverse population of players, who role-play as werecanines such as werewolves and werecoyotes, as well as regular canines.

Nearly 3000 accounts have been registered at 'Souls RPG since its creation.[1]



During the Cold War, scientists and researchers in southern California began experimenting with genetics, attempting to splice creatures and men to one another. In 1988, near the end of the war and their research, something went horribly wrong—their end-work, a young man infused with animal genes and intended to work for the military's ends, became infected with a highly contagious virus of unknown origins.

The virus, nicknamed "Z456" in the brief days of media exposure it received, spread incredibly quickly. Z46 was particularly insidious due to its brief but silent incubation period, during which it was fully contagious. Unknowingly infected humans traveled and brought the sickness with them; global transportation only facilitated the spread of the virus. It caused most symptomatic humans to die within three days, and within six weeks, contemporary society was decimated, replaced by a nightmarish and bleak place. Ninety-seven percent of the human population was killed, and only the small percentage to enjoy a natural immunity survived in isolated corners of the world (South Korea, Japan, New York, Polynesia, and the Caribbean).

As the years passed and the cities fell slowly to decay, the animal populations began to thrive again, and some discovered additional benefits. The Canis genus in particular profited greatly: wolves, dogs, and coyotes found themselves with the ability to shapeshift from their natural form to a humanoid two-legged form with dangerous, cat-like claws. Beyond the physical advantages, their intelligence and senses seemed to sharpen, and from the wreckage of human society rose the Luperci. Canines of Europe and Asia adapted to humanized lifestyles, mastering fire and living in old human buildings. Canines of North and South America, however, retained the typical canine lifestyle, living in traditional packs as their ancestors had for thousands of years prior.

In 2001 in Canada, a cluster of packs developed; these three packs became the foundation of what would be known as Bleeding Souls. A number of packs and a coyote clan flourished in this area for some time, but in the early spring of 2008, a wildfire erupted and destroyed the land. This forced the canines to move westward to Nova Scotia and settle in and around the Halifax area. Here they would establish 'Souls and attempt to rebuild, reforming some of their former ties and establishing new ones.

Playable speciesEdit

The werewolves at 'Souls are called the luperci, named after the Roman luperci, or "brothers of the wolf." All luperci have three forms: their regular wolf form (lupus), halfling form (secui) and full werewolf form (optime). Canines are either born as a Luperci (luperci ortus) or changed into a luperci (luperci verto).

All luperci have slightly longer lives than regular wolves. However, both have a relatively short infancy and life as a youth in comparison to humans and mature quickly afterwards.


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