An Account Management System (AMS) (also known as a Content Management System (CMS)) is a centralized web-based application that allows the publishing and editing of online material.


Utilized by role playing groups to manage games and members through an interactive web interface, an AMS is built upon web portal technologies. AMS software allow people to, among other things, log in, customize their own web experience, join and leave games, participate in the community, read newsletters, contribute data, and view files and other information.

History in online role-playingEdit

Account Management Systems began to be utilized by the online role-playing community at the dawn of the 21st century. The Federation Sim Fleet created a custom AMS software ca 2002. They were soon followed by the Starfleet Legacy Alliance, whose Seth Cotis designed a proprietary Host Administration System (HAS) for the SLA to manage player applications and game assignments for the SLA.

Obsidian Fleet developed a public licensed version of their Integrated Fleet System a year later. Their software was aimed toward email based role playing games and was adopted by several groups over the years. The IFS also proved adept at managing subfleets of groups, although using the IFS in this fashion, if not careful, lead to duplication of data and inflated membership figures.

In 2005, Anodyne Productions was established to create tools for online role-playing games. Their Nova (AMS) has been adopted by a number of online role-playing games, and in 2012 Anodyne Productions was awarded the Simming Prize in recognition of their work.

In addition to systems custom built for online role-playing, games have utilized off the shelf technology, such as e-107 and MediaWiki.

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