Addycus “Addy” Baron is the character of Starfleet Legacy Alliance's Popcornman.

Basics Edit

  • age = 27
  • height = 6'5"
  • weight = 180 lbs
  • hair = Brown
  • eyes = Blue
  • affiliation = None
  • occupation = Passenger
  • residence = Monarch

Physical Profile Edit

To say that Addycus is lanky would be an understatement. His tall, skinny figure is hard to miss even though he tries to blend in. He usually wears brown pants and a dark brown shirt. If he is not in a ship, he usually wears a long brown cloak. He grew his hair out after he bolted from Ariel. He’s quick and agile and walks as if the verse can hear him. He carries his sword strapped to his back with the hilt just behind his head and always has his alliance pistol strapped to his left hip. He also carries a boot knife on the inside of his right boot.

Personality Edit

Addy is very observant and makes his opinions known when he deems it necessary. He is partial to the Browncoats because his father was. He is always distrustful toward new people. He avoids large groups of people if at all possible.

History Edit

Addycus Baron Bischoff was born to Baron and Cindy Bischoff, owners of Bischoff Shipping; a large shipping company. He grew up on Ariel, where he was sent the best private schools and was provided the best tutors. His father wanted him to have the best education and ensured that his youngest son received it. By 13, Addycus was a fair violin player and a good fencer. When the war broke out, his father started using the company as a front for a brown coat supply line. Near the end of the war, his father's "secret" was found out by the Alliance and both his mother and his father were killed. The company was turned over to his brother and himself. Being only 16, Addy allowed his brother to control Bischoff Shipping, but still kept 50%.

He spent five years as the first mate of the Stride the flagship of the company, where he learned how to box from the captain. He had been taught from his fencing instructor that hand to hand combat and guns are uncivilized but Addy found boxing that boxing could be as elegant as sword play. He never really liked guns but bought and started carrying an alliance pistol from a trader after he was robbed on Ezra. He returned to Ariel when he was 21, to live the good life and just live off his inheritance. When he was 24, he found out that his brother was the one responsible for his parent’s death. He immediately confronted his brother. After his brother admitted to it, Addycus pulled his pistol and shot his brother in the head. He dumped the body somewhere between Ariel and Osiris after taking over Bischoff Shipping. In two months, he had sold his father’s company to the highest bidder. Five months after selling the company, questions about Addy’s brother’s disappearance caused an investigation by Alliance officials. Addy did not wait for the results of the investigation. He packed his bastard sword (a gift from his fencing instructor), his violin and jumped on to a cargo ship headed for the rim. A warrant was put out for his arrest on Ariel within days of his leaving. He started jumping from ship to ship and moving to keep from being noticed.

Skills Edit

• Expert Swordsman

• Quality Marksman

• Fair Boxer

• Good Violinist

• Very knowledgeable when it comes to anything about cargo

• Adequate pilot

Weapons carried Edit

- Alliance Pistol

- Lever-Action Carbine

- 5 ft Masamune Katana

- Boot knife

- 5 ft Bastard Sword (Stays on the ship and is a family heirloom)

Criminal Record Edit

Wanted for: Murder in the 1st degree, Ariel

Other Aliases Edit

Addycus Baron Bischoff

The Baron