Ascending angel

An Aether opening up a rift from a Dead Plane

Aethers, the Lost Ascended Race:

What are they?:Edit

Aethers are a Supreme species, a being that has Ascended from the normal batch of sentient beings, such as Humans, Elves, Angels, Demons, Icyene, Mahjarrat, and practically any other race. They are capable of wiping out entire Armies, and are known for the magical Supremacy, and for being faster, and stronger, than any other race.

History of Aethers, in a Flash/ Where did the come from?:Edit

Aethers originated from a plane far that doubles as the source of all life: The Seed Plane. They were once like you and I, normal humans and other species, until the first Aethers came into contact with a POWERFUL fluxation of magical energy, summing up to many times the power of magic held within ANY plane. This Sentient fluxuation of Magic is known as "The Start". Little is known about it, other than that it is more powerful than every god combined. The first to come into contact with the Fluxuation were known as the Firstbloods. These were the most powerful of all the Aethers. As more and more beings became Aethers, the power within each lessened a slight margin, until most Aethers were significantly weaker than the Firstblood Aethers.

For years the Aethers lived in peace and prosperity, creating powerful manipulations of the world around them, such as the Elder Scrypt, which was the original basis for magic in word form. With the help of the Gods, they made things such as the Elder Scrypt, and Weapons of supreme power, such as the Aether Key, which was the Sword of the Matrix in final form. For many years they lived this way until a Firstblood Aether named Vulcan, who is now known as the World Eater, came and swept aside the Aetheric race. He searched for something in each of them, and ended up killing them when he did not find what he looked for. He also scoured the Seed plane, now known as the Aether Plane, for something that eluded his every move. It is now known that he was searching for The Start. Finding nothing, he used his power to absorb the Plane, turning it into magic, and absorb all the magic within it. This, however, nearly proved fatal for him. This too is what he did to several other planes, whose records are lost to the ages. It is a KNOWN FACT of those who know the history of the Aethers that a few survived, and considering there population was around 2-4 billion, or, for example, the population of the United States of America, only about 50,000-100,000 survived. This terrible tragedy struck the hearts of all Aethers, which probably resonated into their children, if the Aethers did birth a child after this, causing severe mental truama, sometimes even absolute insanity. In Vulcan's case, he was not expecting this, and became utterly insane as he searched for The Start. It is later known that this was The Start's doing, as it wept for the massacre of it's "blessed creations". After this, not much is known, save that they scattered across every plane they could find, hiding from Vulcan, the World Eater.



This is Tabuu from Super Smash Bros Brawl. This is a good represenation of something an Aether would look like, besides an Angelic type deal.

Aethers Generally Hold the features of their previous, unascended race, such as Angel, Demon, Human, Elf, and whatever it was they were. There is VERY LITTLE DIFFERENCE to their previous race, save an Aura of Extreme magical power, a slight glow, a change of eye color in regards to numerous deals, such as their "Prime Color" their elemental affinity or their race's alignment/their alignment.

Their Aether forms are MUCH different, however. Most often times, they relinquish their body to magical energy, both within the plane and in the Vast well of magical energy within themselves. This gives them a Sillhouete type appearance, usually of a certain color, with flowing lines creating symbols and patterns in a unique way. Each can have their own specific color.

Often times, these beings will have wings. The most common type is a form of Ethereal butterfly wings ((similiar to Tabuu's)) of one color with lines flowing through it of similiar symbols, of another color. Much less common, and in some Aether Primes, are the Ethereal version of Angel wings, which are like a giant set of Ethereal angel wings, with lines flowing through them, again, having patterns and symbols. These are almost always present in Firstbloods. A third type are wings of a Vampyre/demon, ALSO Ethereal, with the same exact deal. Each can have their own specific color.


Possible Look of a Clouded Aether

MUCH less common are but much more highly regarded by Aether-Standards are the Clouded Aethers. These Aethers were different from most in that their Aether Form was almost exactly alike their regular form, sometimes with a few added benefits. It is often because their physical form is capable of retaining the EXTREME magical fluxuation and magical power that courses through their veins in their Aether form. Often times, these were the children of Firstblood Aethers, or perhaps even a Firstblood itself. Due to the extreme rarity of these, the Clouded Aethers were often high among the courts, as were the Firstbloods.

Weapon-type Body parts and Magical Power:Edit

    An Aethers body is rigged with various weapon-type bodyparts. The most common are the Aether Tendrils, a very long cord of pure magical energy that can be used to grab or even cut through things. Often times, metals had little to no resistance against the Tendrils. The only known metals in existence that were capable of holding their own against it were made from a rare, powerful metal called "Aether Steel". Other metals known to hold up against it were "Quantum Gold, Archron Silver, and Matrixal Titanium". These metals, despite the names of the gold and Titanium, could resist nearly every blow set upon it. Archron Silver and Quantum gold were often used in Bows and other weapons, due to their ability to retain vast amounts of magical Energy, as well as Staves used in magical combat. Aether Steel and Matrixal Titanium were often used in weapons and armor, though Matrixal Titanium was significantly stronger than Aether Steel, however, nearly all of it was lost in the destruction of the Aether Plane, or Seed Plane.

Another type of body weapon were the Claws, Blades and spikes that came from an Aether's body, Though these were much less common. often times, spikes were used like a porcupine's quills, for more defensive than offensive. The blades and claws, however, were used to reap pure havoc on an Aether's foes, for anything Non-Ascended, when cut with it, would start to dissolve, its entire makeup, body, spirit, concious and all, being sucked out of the plane and into the void, or sometimes the next world.

Sometimes, these weapons could be altered, or fused, creating an entirely new weapon. The Thunderfists, for Example, are a giant set of boxing glove-type weapons. These create massive shockwaves with each punch, often sending people flying if they were punched with it. Another type of fusion weapon is the Alpha-Cannon. This is basically a giant arm cannon that shoots beams or blasts of pure magical energy, capable of incenerating a Non-Aether target, and Stunning most Aether/Archron types.

Power of Aethers

This is the destruction of a Plane. The blueish stuff being sucked into the Vortex is all of the Plane's magical Life force and Magical Energy. An Aether is capable of absorbing all of this if they are careful, Though it can be quite taxing until it gets used to its boost of magical power. Cumulative successes of this often causes the Aether's body to be near indestructable.

The Magic of an Aether is known for the pure destruction it causes, as well as the way they can manipulate the magical world around them with surprising ease. The most Prime example of Aether magic is the ability to take in MASSIVE amounts of magical energy, as well as absorb spells cast at them. Recorded history states that the most powerful of Aethers were able to absorb the magic of entire planes and everything in them, turning it into pure magic.

 It is also known that Aethers build up a regenerating pool of magical energy the longer they remain in the world, becoming stronger and stronger. For example, for each year that they are left alive, they gain enough energy to cause a magical explosion the likes of which are like a nuclear explosion on Earth, and with magical radiation enough to kill an entire population of demons and vampires just by exposure. The magical radiation, if not contained, can also severely morph a populous of a race, causing them to have a severe case of magical requisition, where they rely on magical energy to survive. The flipside of this, however, is those who are not affected in that way are born with magic practically flowing through their veins, being able to cast magics as early as the age of 5.

Progression of Aethers:Edit

Aethers, when born from Aether parents, usually start as their normal race. Upon reaching adulthood, or sometimes adolescence, their body starts to mutate into an Aether. Upon reaching completion, an Aether is considered a Tier 1 or Phase 1 Aether. These are usually the most modest of Aethers in regards to their form, usually having little to no Bodypart Weaponry. Their magic starts here, starting at their regular skill with magic and slowly progressing from there on. It is dangerous for an Aether to have an accelerated Rate of Progression, or have been sped up in the amount of magical gain, as each phase hits when a certain point of magical energy is reached.

The next Tiers or Phases of Aethers can vary in many ways. Some Aethers only have 3 Tiers, while others have upwards of 20 before they hit Aether Prime. During this they gain more and more types of bodypart weaponry, and their appearances change.

Aether Prime is the final form of Aethers, and usually is quite taxing to reach. The magical radiation that is emitted is VERY potent, which is why most of the time it is done in a place that can take the amount of magical exposure. Most often, Aether Primes have some special affect to which their body has, and many of these vary.

An Aether's death/battle wounds:Edit

Aethers most often cannot die by normal means. If they are killed by a deathly wound to a vital area, their body usually disappears, along with any of their items, belongings. It then reappears in a safe place, usually a pocket plane, where the Aether slowly reforms, its fatal wound being fixed. When it is healed, the Aether is brought back into the plane.

Aethers are generally incapable of breaking bones. Their bones, when snapped by a certain force, instantly pop back together when the force is removed. For instance, if they were to be hit by a train, and were tosses into the grass at the side of the tracks, the train passing by harmlessly, their bones would snap back together, and the Aether would get up, completely fine, but having felt the full force of the impact, and probably being in pain.

Generally, the best way to kill an Aether is with its own magic. Absorbing all of its magic alone only inhibits much of its combat and the use of its Aether Form, as their form is based on its magic. In order to kill it, not only do you have to absorb its magic, leaving it virtually defenseless, but you must also convert its body and concious into magic, and absorb it, or dispell it.

If not to kill, an Aether can also commit suicide. This process is generally unknown to Aethers, save that when you truly feel you want to die, and there's nothing left, it will die, its concious and mental state transferring to the next world. Its magical energy and physical body, however, are relinquished, often causing a POWERFUL explosion capable of wiping out several cities and the space in between. As described in the Weapon-type Body-parts and Magical Power section, in the part of the magical pool of energy within Aethers, The explosion can cause massive mutations, both for good and bad, and can kill off a population of demons, as well as vampires just by exposure.

Languages of the Aethers and Generic Aether Names:Edit

The Original language of the Aethers was called Ancient Aether. This was the language before the Elder Scrypt, and was used just as a means of communication between Aethers. The Elder Scrypt, however, was used for more magical and courtly purposes, as whatever you say in it will become true, even if it is not true in that time, even when magic is not imbued into it. When magic is imbued within the Elder Scrypt's words, however, these words become immensely powerful, each word becoming the truest form of itself to the target. For instance, the words "Be Healed" in the Elder Scrypt, when imbued with magic, could near instantaneously heal the target and cured of any diseases, poisons, and maladies that affect him or her. This, however, can be very taxing, even for minor words that do not have much use. It also requires careful planning, for what you wish to say and what could be said could and possibly will be to ENTIRELY DIFFERENT things. It is said that the words in the Elder Scrypt, Death and Immortality were the two words every Aether dared not use, for the sheer power of the words was destructive in itself. Death, when imbued with magic, killed the target outright, regardless of anything that set them apart, the flipside, however, is that it was so taxing that an Aether who said it could die from mere use of it, never to return. Immortality, however, was completely unusable without the help of the Gods. If one was to use it, they would die outright, due to the sheer power of magic. Little to nothing is known about the word and its affect. It could be said that Vulcan, the World Eater, successfully used the word, but this is merely a rumor.

Aether names Generally have something to do with Celestiality, the Heavens, Godhood, and the language of Ancient Aether. A few known Aether names are Cysan, Avon, Kyinthos, Yaruno, Dahonus, Seana, Icamchia, Vulcan, Xamptus, Magusis, Atmos, and Paldorus. Generally, they have relation to a specific element or thing, to which the Aether Child is named. Avon, for instance, is the name of the beginning, of Light, of Time, and of Creation. Vulcan, however, is destruction, darkness, evil, power, and the end of all time. Dahonus is the name of a brutishly strong warrior, one who is next to impossible to kill, as well as having a brash, foolhardy attitude in his younger years, as it is a male name, and wisdom and kindness in old age. Magusis, however, is the name for a POWERFUL magical spellcaster, a wise man, but generally holding a snob-like attitude until they are taught otherwise. There are only two female-type names in this. Can you guess what they are?

Seana and Icamchia are feminine, due to the "ia" and "a" compared to the "os" "on" "an" or "us". However, there are occasions when "an" can be a feminine, though this case is rare. Do consult a professional Aether-name consultant before making the name. most often, it follows similiar rules of the Spanish language, with a few different editations.

Becoming an Aether:Edit

This is generally straightforwrard. There are only THREE known ways to become an Aether:

Your biological parents were Aethers. Their children can go their whole lives without knowing they are Aethers. However, when a child is an Aether, there are small signs to point toward the fact that it will transform into an Aether when it reaches adulthood or adolescence. These are the unusual magical activity within the child, and unexplained occurances of magic. The strength of the child generally depends on the power of the Aetheric Parents.

 Another way, though it is now VIRTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE to have happen, is to be mutated by the power of the sentient magical fluxuation known as The Start. Aethers from this are generally more powerful than the others, but cannot be firstbloods if they came after the Aether Plane collapsed, meaning if a child is birthed by two Firstblood Aethers or a Firstblood and Clouded Aether, they would be significantly weaker than the child.
  The third way, though the most painful, is to be a Blooded Aether. These are generally the weakest transformed Aethers of all. Blooded Aethers cannot surpass the strength of the Aether who converted them. The ritual of a blooded Aether consists of the tears of an Aether mixed with the blood of an Aether imbued with the magic of that Aether. If the blood was given by itself, it would kill the being outright, being a POWERFUL poison that can cut through ALL immunities to poisons, and even cut through Haemalchemy itself. This would kill the opponent in mere seconds. Once this is all mixed, the person must find a cup sturdy enough to hold all of this. It should be made out of Quantum Gold or Archron Silver, and enchanted by an Aether. Once the concoction is drunk, the transformation begins almost immediately. It will be EXTREMELY painful for the one who is being transformed, however.

Pictures of Known Aethers:Edit


Cysan, The Second of White, The Inheritor.

Vulcan, the World Eater

Vulcan, The World Eater, The Bringer of Darkness

Shadow General1

Vulcan,Battle Armor human form.

Yaruno 2

Yaruno, The Twilight's Incarnate, Halflight Leader,Blackwing, the Easygoing One


Seana, The Faithful One, the Peaceful Child, The Holy Lady, Daughter of Avon.

Final Notes:Edit

~ This thread can and probably will be editted much more. Keep a sharp lookout.

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OOC Information:Edit

~ Makers of this idea: Cysan, Yaruno, and Seana. No Irl names, but we will be the ones to cut you down if you suddenly start bragging that you're one of us. Because you're not. Other Notable Helpers: Draconis Nex, Tormund Elis.

~ Contact Information: Cysan, Yaruno, or Just Seana in Runescape. We're always here. Also, Cysan of Landroval in LotRO, Though I MAY be moving to another non-roleplay server to start rp there. No Irl Contact info. We're very private people. Though if you HAVE to talk to us, or find out who we are... I mentor a kid whose facebook name is Chance McCloud (Brad George). He has the same White Angel Dude as his picture, Just like me. If he thinks you're not some bonkers person, he'll direct you to me.

~ If you ever wanna roleplay and you're in these servers, and you GENUINELY like my idea, feel free to send a message. Usually i have my private chat on friends in Runescape, or i have my anonymus on in LotRO. You can simply find me in Falador 42 most often in Runescape, and in Glff in LotRO. Feel free to give me a yell!

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