Faction: Autobot

Alt: Lockheed C-5 Galaxy

Function: Autobot Transport/Audiomechanics expert

Weapons: Altmode engines become shoulder mounted plasma grenade launchers. Also has plasma cannon on left forearm.

Bio: AirDrop is the top expert in the field of Audiomechanics. He has the ability to manipulate sound waves, and use them for his own purposes. Several cycles ago, he accidentally discovered the ability to use sound waves to compress the air around him, forming a type of shield that is impenetrable by small projectile weaponry. He also recently discovered the exact frequency that can cause combiners to lose their ability to stay combined, and has built it into a weapon he carries with him at all times.

AirDrop has mass shifting, much like Soundwave and Megatron, except in reverse. His altmode would transform into an 85 foot tall robot, which is way to large, so he shrinks down to a more managable 35 foot tall 'bot mode. One secret he has, though, is that he can turn off his mass shifters, allowing him to stay 85 feet tall, which comes in handy when fighting combiners.

AirDrop speaks with a heavy southern drawl, sometimes making him difficult to understand. AirDrop likes to think of himself as a White Knight when it comes to helping femmebots. He has been known to go out of his way to help a femme in distress, sometimes putting his own life in danger.

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