Name: AirWedge

Primary function: DCITWSS Air Captain

Alt mode: Tetrahedron Cybertronian Seeker

Weapons: 1x Reversed Polarity Crystallized Energon Blade "Doomblade"

2x 35mm COMPressed Air ACTion (COMPACT) Carbines

Profile: The quintessential 'new guy', AirWedge is a promising young flyer who looks up to SnapShot and AD. Although he is the latest to join the DCI's Tactical Wing Seeker Squadron, he holds the 2nd highest rank, right after AD. Well respected by his teammates for his melee skill, he wields the one of a kind dead crystal sword, the Doomblade.

Abilities: Because of the reversed polarity Energon from which the Doomblade is made from, it drains the Energon from any mech it touches, excluding AirWedge, who has a mysterious link with the sword. Unfortunately, the wielder does not benefit directly from this 'life drain' ability, and the only advantage if this is that it greatly weakens AirWedge's foes in melee combat.

Weaknesses: Because of his large and rather heavy sword, AirWedge opted to carry lighter ranged weapons, like the COMPACT Carbine. Although it chambers the standard Decepticon 35mm AP round, it fires bullets at a lower velocity, making it subsonic, but dealing less damage.

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