Name: Aisha Natsuki

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Hair Color: Dark Blue/Mixed Orange

Eye Color: Blue

Age: 20

Alliegence: Autobots

Function: Pilot of The Twilight Pheonix

Training: Sniper Training Heavy Weapons Training Limited Piloting Training Emergency Medical Training Damage Control Training Tactical Combat Training.

Hand Weapons: 1x Sniper Rifle [Limited Ammo,Silencer and Flash Suppressor] 1x Sword [Melee Weapon for close combat]

Profile: She Originally was the gunner for the Twilight Liger Unit Piloted by Tyjos Azari,she is from the same Villiage as Tyjos and the two grew up together and went to the Academy at Crystal City on Planet Z the two were originally paired by the parents of them to be married as soon as they completed the training at the Crystal City Academy.

But Galvatron shattered that dream...while the young couple's parents were visiting the Academy.Galvatron Launched his devastating attack on Planet Z Tyjos and Aisha's parents were killed instantly in the hailstorm of heavy laser fire that destroyed the Academy,while in a blind rage she and Tyjos boarded Twilight Liger with nothing but anger and revenge on there minds...Galvatron was struck down hard by Twilight Liger's feral attacks and was nearly destroyed when the two were about to complete their attack when Starscream snuck up on them and knocked the liger out of commission.

Galvatron and Starscream started to beat up the Liger and that was when Optimus Prime and the Autobots came out of a Warpgate and drove back the attackers.....Optimus Prime managed to calm the two by convincing them Revenge wouldn't bring back what they had lost....Optimus Prime and the Autobots then left....leaving the two to consider what the future would hold for them...they both decided to Join Optimus and the Autobots....They Journeyed from Planet Z to Cybertron and Met the one who had saved their lives that day and pledged to Join them in Defending worlds against the Decepticons.

Weakness: Un-like Azari she has a potential for great destruction due to the bottled up emotions she has mostly is her intense hatred of Galvatron and the decepticons. She has problems controlling her anger and if she lets it out...she can become distracted allowing an enemy to sneak up on her. She will restrain her anger...but she cannot keep herself from going berserk when she sees Galvatron or Megatron. She will attack them without any concern for her own life,so in intense battles she will become Emotionally unstable if she encounters any of the higher ranking Decepticons.

Emotinal Status Note: Azari has been a shield for her,because he is the only that can stop her from going down the path that will lead to her own death if she follows her rage and hatred she will destroy him first...because he will throw himself infront of her to stop her.

New Update! Status: Zoid Pilot

Zoid: Twilight Pheonix

Type: Cyberlinking

Power System: Protoculture

Partner: Twilight Liger

Abilities: Hypersonic/Mach Speed Blast [A Massive Shockwave cabable of destroying ground targett]

Twin Main Battle Cannons [Mounted Ontop Of the Unit]

Missile Launcher [Mounted Under The Unit]

Hyperspace Jump Drive [For Warping Around the Battlefield]

Weakness: Runs out of Energy quickly,due to the fact this is a Larger Zoid and requres twice the needed amount of Protoculture than normal Zoids...also it has Protoculture based Weaponry which at sometimes can be unreliable.

Weakspots: As with any flier is underneath the wings and any shots there can effectivly down the zoid. Safety Features: Cockpit Module Jettison [Same as With the Twilight Liger]

Weapons: 2x Main Battlecannons 1x Missile Launcher/Pod 2x Claw Talons 2x Wing Blades Located on the front of the wings perfect for slicing apart enemies when flying at ground level.

Background: This was the Empress's Wedding gift to Aisha after she told her that she no longer wanted to be a gunner and that she can no longer kill she was given her own Zoid freeing her from Tyjos's control but now putting her in control of a powerhouse of a Zoid that is capable of ripping the circuitry out of any Decepticons.

This Unit was discovered to be the Twin unit of the Twilight Liger,and it seemed to be a perfect match for Aisha since it can Cyberlink with the Twilight Liger and form the Liger Pheonix.....

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