ACIP logo, circa 2000

Allied Confederation of Interstellar Planets (or ACIP) was a Star Trek sim club that existed in the early 2000s. The group was formed when it split off from the United Confederation of Interstellar Planets (UCIP) in January of 2000. ACIP was created by Evelyn Hawke. In April of 2000, the group began an open-door policy to invite sims from other groups to "guest" in their group, enjoying full membership without needing to leave their home groups. This policy led to much discussion and warnings against ACIP from other clubs. It is unclear when ACIP went defunct.

Executive Statements & GoalsEdit

Mission StatementEdit

The Allied Confederation of Interstellar Planets exists for the sole purpose of creating a fully diverse, interactive and balanced universe of the Star Trek genre.

Founding PrinciplesEdit

The Allied Confederation of Interstellar Planets is founded upon the principles of mutual cooperation and respect. These two principles shall be the basis of all interaction within the group in order to build and keep a harmonious team.


The goal of the Allied Confederation of Interstellar Planets is, using our mission as our guide and the founding principle as our foundation, to build an organization that exists and grows in teamwork and mutual respect. The goal of this organization will never to be "the biggest and the best", but, instead, to have fun and work overcome our individual and societal flaws in order to better both ourselves and the organization as a whole.

Game ManagersEdit

Game Managers include, but are not limited to the Commanding Officers of the Allied Confederation of Interstellar Planets. These people are the ones solely responsible for the running of a unit, such as a ship, starbase within the Allied Confederation of Interstellar Planets. It is recommended that GMs over units such as ships and starbases do a weekly report. GMs in positions such such as Fleet Commanders, R&D Director and Academy Commandant are asked to do a bi-weekly SIM Status report. These are asked to be done so that information regarding ACIP can be kept as current as possible and to keep everything as consistent as possible on an In Character level.


In the year 2399, war broke out within the United Confederation of Interstellar Planets. An organization known only as the Shadow Group had managed to get into positions of power within the United Confederation of Interstellar Planets. In order to secure their power, several arrests of key officers within UCIP were ordered, and the disappearance of the Commander in Chief was executed. What followed was a time of strife, with Federation ships firing upon Federation ships under the orders of Rear Admiral Za`Kal (Fleet Commander, Starfleet) with the cooperation of Commander Delane (Fleet Services Commander) and Rear Admiral Tiffany Bordeaux (Acting Commander in Chief).

The year is now 2400, the United Confederation is broken, and in its place, a new, looser organization has been formed, the Allied Confederation of Interstellar Planets. Commodore Evelyn Hawke, rescued by her old ship, the USS Intrepid, has been placed back in the position of Commander in Chief, the only one trusted enough by all fations within the Alliance to lead the Alliance through troubled times...


The ACIP ran sims in IRC and via e-mail. Known sims are:

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