Name: Ambush

Primary: function: Sniper/Infiltration

Alt mode: XR311 Combat Support Vehicle

Alt mode 2: n/a

Weapons: Shoulder Mounted Rocket (2 missles), Sniper Rifle (8 rounds)

Profile: Ambush is a soliditary bot. And thats how he likes it. The only company he needs is his sniper rifle and a pile of dead Autobots. In fact, thats the only company Ambush can stand, as he is liable to snap if he is accompanied by anyone. He's the kind of bot the thinks everyone is out to get him, and his abilities and skills are fitted to cope with that. Ambush can turn invisible for 5 minutes, which is all he needs. And once he escapes you can bet your circuits he's loading his sniper rifle and setting his sights on your optics, which he can hit from 100 yards away. If he's alone that is. Team missions cause Ambush to break down mentally and lose his trademark eagle eye.

Abilities: Able to become invisible for a total of 5 minutes.

Weaknesses: Ambush is dangerously paranoid and is apt to fail a mission if he is not by himself, and can easily be defeated in hand-to-hand combat.

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