I am a girl named Jade. I have bright green hair, beautifully long eyelashes, crystal blue eyes, but there was one secret that noone in my life but me knew. I am an elf.

To the story!

I jumped from treebranch to treebranch. I hid behind rocks. I even took the risk to hide in the waterfall. I did whatever I could to stay away, but everytime I hid he got closer. There was nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide. I tucked my long green wavy elven hair behind my long ears, and flopped my ears back like a scared horse.  I kneeled down and found a dagger on the ground. I ran after the man, holding the dagger and focusing on him as he foolishly looked for me in the wrong direction. I suddenly tripped over a rock and rolled over on the ground, backflipping back onto my feet and holding the man back with my arm up as sweat ran down my forehead. I burst out and kicked his stomach, then turned around and jumped and gliding down the water fall with my feet, falling with no fear. I finally landed on one 3 and one hand up. I slowly got up and tossed my dagger into the waterfall and swam to the surface. I got up and searched for my bow and sword I dropped down the falls. I suddenly felt a long cold chilling down my spine, I looked back and a shadow stood there before me. He was too tall and strong to fight. I dropped down and crawled backwards as he cast a spell on me. I shook my head, got up, and ran for my life. I finally found my lost weapons, and I put my bow in it's sheath on my back. I grabbed my sword and I raised it at the big shadow. I backed up every step it took. It whispered in my ear, "I know your secret..." And it faded away, leaving a chilling feeling in my spine. I sighed in relief as it faded away and I walked forward through the swampy waterfall area. My foot fell in a swampy mossy mud. I tried to pull it out, but the mud was too thick. I was glad I didn't have shoes. I tugged at my foot and it popped out. I then continued to walk on. I had to find shelter. The invaders of the elven swamp would be too foolish to find me in an abandoned house. I looked at the moon. 'Oh no..' I thought. It was almost the elven midnight. The moon was slowly starting to shine green. I watched my hands gather green dust and fog around them. I tried to hide it by putting my armor gloves on. I started to notice a glow running up my legs, and as soon as it hit my neck-


I woke up to an elven boy with crystal blue hair and yellow eyes, looking very... Formal for an elf, standing above me, smiling. I blushed, and smiled back. It seemed like in that long gaze that one stranger was my only chance of love. He was my savior, so why not? But then I looked in my surroundings. I was in a human prison. It seems he got imprisoned too. I looked around, and sat up and he sat by me. I looked at him, and suddenly, realizing he was Jasli, the most popular elf ever to be known. I saw some blond elves look me and glare as if they were jealous. They then smirked and one of them made a sign with their fingers forming an N, then they formed the sentence - 'Not hot' I raised one eyebrow and looked back at him. He smiled and finally said, "Hey.. You're pretty.." I noticed a pink blush on his face appear and quickly dissapear as he said his words. I smiled at him and hugged him. It was the first compliment in my life anyone had gave me. I closed my eyes and he hugged me back and smiled and closed his eyes too. A tear dropped onto my cheek and I heard the humans speaking about executing the elves. Somehow he might have known, because, He patted my back and got up and pulled me up and smiled at me and whispered to me, "It's alright.. Atleast we'll die together." A tear dropped on my face, and I quickly closed my eyes and pulled him near and hugged him tighly. He then hugged me back and smiled. The blond girls then whispered and smiled at me in a comforting way, then got up and made it a group hug. I sighed, and, Noticed... I was in love. 'Love.. Love.. What was that feeling? Well now I knew... Love... Yes.. I will die with you..' I thought and smiled as my closed eyes dropped a tear. The hug ended as the humans entered the cage. Jasli then whispered to me, "It's okay.. In the afterlife I will be with you forever.." I then closed my eyes and kneeled over. Before I knew it, I blacked out. I died...

Years later, a statue was formed of Jasli and Jade standing together with green elf angel wings on their back, standing back to back. She was known everywhere, and loved by humans and elves then on. They lived happily together in the afterlife...

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