Name: Angela Mercy “Angel”

Primary function: Mechanic

Alt mode: Targetmaster.

Weapons: none, she is one, unless her mouth counts.

Profile: Angel found Bombshell at the bottom of a lake, and restored her back to working condition. She then took Bombshell out on the car show circuit and has since enjoyed much new business to her shop. Angel is a female human with blindingly bright pink hair (Dyed) and a cocky attitude. She loves Bombshell and would do anything to help her in her quest. Angel has been a skilled marksman ever since she was child, and shares this ability with Bombshell through Binary Bonding. Otherwise the poor mech couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn.

Abilities: Targetmaster, Automotive mechanic.

Weaknesses: chocolate fudge sundae, and oh yeah, big robot feet.

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