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Artorius Septim
Name Artorius Septim
Kanji Artorius
Personal Information
Birthdate 31 Frostfall
Age 40
Gender Male
Height 176 cm
Weight 70 kg
Blood Type O -
Professional Information
Hometown Bruma
Home Country Cyrodill
Affiliation Imperial Legion
Occupation Legionnaire
Alignment Good
Family Septim Line
Genre The Elder Scrolls Custom
Verse [T1-MP] Old World
Species Hume/Imperial
Site(s) Coming Soon...
Type Forum & Chat Based
Central Abilities Coming Soon...
Affinities Coming Soon...
Techniques Coming Soon...
Armaments Coming Soon...

Artorius Lachance-Septim is the final member of the long and ancient Septim Line. Born with the blood of Akatosh running through his veins, he carries the title Dragonborn and utilizes a mythical art called "Thu'um" or Shouting.

Appearance Edit

Appearing as an Imperial male of tall stature and athletic build, Artorius is a man typically identified by his silver hair; a trait unheard of in both the Empire and Skyrim. Because of its uniqueness, he endured ridicule for the opening stages of his life and prefers to keep his hair, and by extension visage, shrouded behind a helm. In general, he dons armor of the heavy variety, sampling Iron, Steel, and Ebony materials before settling on the latter as his attire of choice. However, on the rarest occassions, he appears as a finely dressed male garbed in the most expensive of clothes.

Personality Edit

Synopsis Edit

Artorius began as the illegitimate son of Martin Septim and a cultist/harlot by the name of Lucina Lachance. Ordered to sacrifice the mother and unborn child during a daedric ritual, Martin was torn between 'love' and duty. He ultimately chose to spare his unborn heir and turned upon his fellow cultists, resulting in a near-massacre of Sanguine's entire following. He lost many close to him that day and forever viewed it as a disaster caused by the dark ways. From thence, he retreated to Kvatch to live as a priest.

Months later, Lucina passed away during the birth of the child and he was bequethed to her parents; an elderly couple with strong ties to the Imperial Legion. He was given the name Artorius and was raised under the mantle of the Legion, even instructed in the arts of combat from a young age. Upon ascending to his teenage years, he had made the habit of putting these skills to poor usage through squaller jobs tossed to him from the Fighter's Guild.

Upon the assassinations of Uriel Septim VII and the remaining Septim heirs, the Mythic Dawn cult used any and all means necessary to hunt down and eliminate any and all Septim blood from the face of the world. Once Martin's status as an heir became known, the cult, in their waning days, sought to tie any and all loose ends stemming from illegitimacy. Martin's days as a cultist were discovered and by extension Artorius' existence. On a fateful day, members of the cult managed to slay Gaius, Lucina's father, though Artorius and his grandmother escaped. They fled to Skyrim, relying upon Gaius' ties to the Imperial Legion to gain safe passage and protection along the way. Settling in Solitude, Artorius ultimately joined the Imperial Legion based in Skyrim, taking the surname Septim as was his birthright. He was then charged with patrolling Whiterun Hold for the majority of his service.

One day, while communing with Legionnaires of the neighboring holds, a decision was reached. He and his closest acquaintances would make the journey up the Seven Thousand Steps and attempt to meet the Greybeards, a legendary congregation of men atop High Hrothgar. He was the only one of the group to preservere all the way. The Greybeards recognized his "dragonblood" and following a rather lengthy conversation concerning ethics, conferred upon him the first of many Thu'um he would come to master. Called "Dragonborn" by his tutors, Artorius soon ascended to the Throat of the World and meditated with great Parthurnax for many months before returning to the world below. The Skyrim he returned to was one plagued by the Falmer's relentless thirst for revenge. Centuries of slavery had turned them into blind creatures with only a lust for spilling the surface world's blood. And so they did, pouring from Dwemer ruins all across the region. Artorius rose to the challenge as a hero of the people, driving back the Falmer infestation with the power of his voice. He and the Legion pushed them back to their subterranean lairs, ending the threat to Skyrim for the time being.

Abilities Edit

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