Ashes of D'era is a Simulation/RPG based upon Star Trek: Nemisis and The Way of D'era (The official Romulan RPG created by Last Unicorn Games in 1999).

Set approximately three years after the death of Shinzon, Ashes picks up on he story of the reconstruction of the Romulan Senate and the power struggles that threaten to plunge the once-proud empire into civil war. Commanded by Admiral Donatra, the remnant of the Imperial Navy seeks to hold on to what little influence it has left while the Tal'Shiar schemes to usurp the power of the new Praetor, Tel'Aura. Plots and counter-plots twist and turn to form a complex plot that both confounds and entertains.

The Endless Sky Edit

In the aftermath of the primeval civil war, the Vulcan poet, Tellus wrote of the birthright of all Vulcans, to conquer the "endless sky". According to mythology, the Vhorani (or, first race) created the Vulcan species at a place called Vorta Vor. Charging their "children" with conquering the heavens, the Vhorani inhabited their children on the desert planet, Vulcan, to harden them and prepare them for their destiny. When the majority of the Vulcan race abandoned their passionate, warlike ways for the logic of Surak. It was in response to Surak's "Enlightenment" that a large minority of Vulcan left their ancestral home and sought out the promised land. Almost two hundred years later, the chosen ones reached their new home among the twin planets of Romulus and Remus.

The Path of D'era Edit

It is told that when asked, "What is a Romulan?", Tellus answered with the four Virtues. Historians and Philosophers alike have studies his words, but the greater truth is found in the simplicity of his words.


Loyalty to family and authority. Romulan families typically are multi-generational and can number in the thousands of members. Loyalty to ones family and respect for elders is of top importance to Romulans and family ties often transcends all other bonds.

In a more general sense, Devotion also means loyalty to state and fellow Romulans. Recognizing that no single person is above the law and that patriotism is the force that brings all true Romulans together.


The foundation of justice, Allegiance brings truth in all aspects of life, be it paying off debts to keeping one's sworn oaths. To break an oath is to abandon one's identity and is unheard of in Romulan society. The cornerstone of Romulan religion and law, Allegiance becomes the backbone of a Romulan's public and private life. Perhaps above all others, this virtue unifies all aspects of Romulan society.


The heart of an honorable Romulan is being true to one's self. Careful dedication to self-control and honesty. Often confused with the Vulcan logic, Discipline embraces passion and dedication to oneself. A Romulan makes his own destiny, he doesn't just stumble upon it. The concept of luck is considered to be nonsense.


One of the hardest of the virtues to explain, fidelity comes from never giving up, no matter what challenges are encountered.

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