FFOD5 Autobot City

Autobot City

Recent NewsEdit

Rogue Prime has decided to switch sides and become an Autobot.

Usernames and CharactersEdit

This is a list of the TCA usernames and the characters that they play in the RPG zone. Only active players (those who have posted in the last three months) are listed here. Formate will be:
Primary Character name
Secondary Character name(s)

Angelic Knight
Primary: Angelic Knight
Secondary: Doubletake ৳ Judge Judicarius ৳ Scrapheap

Primary: Prowl (G1 cannon)
Secondary: Bluestreak (G1 cannon) ৳ Cyberfrost

Detective Barricade
Primary: Sari Sumdac
Secondary: Bludgeon ৳ Dark Sumdac ৳ Lockdown ৳ Ratchet

Secondary: Tankor

Primary: Omnicron
Secondary: Conquest ৳ Famine ৳ Forsaken ৳ Pestilence

Primary: Ryu Kadavra
Secondary: Road Kill ৳ Solar Flare ৳ The Supernova Minicons: Eclipse ৳ Heatstroke ৳ Magness

Primary: ShadowShock
Secondary: Zakka'Tk

Storm Hawk
Primary: Storm Hawk
Secondary: Master Leo ৳ Sentinel Magnus ৳ Starshot ৳ Vanquisher ৳ Warhound

Primary: Orion Pax
Secondary: Swipes

Rogue Prime

Primary: Cyberblast (Formerly Rogue Prime)

Secondary: Nitrous Major

Rank and FileEdit


  • Supreme Commander (Fleet Admiral) Angelic Knight
  • 2IC Captain ShadowShock
  • 3IC Commander Orion Pax
    Chief of Security


  • Commander Prowl


  • CMO Lieutenant Commander Ratchet
  • Lieutenant Cyberfrost


  • En. Bluestreak
  • En. Scrapheap
  • En. Solar Flare
  • En. Swipes
  • En. RyuKadavra
    • Eclipse ~ Heatstroke ~ Magness

Unranked: (aka: loose cannons ;)

  • Sari Sumdac
  • Dark Sumdac
  • Doubletake
  • Lockdown
  • Tankor
  • Zakka'Tk
  • Cyberblast (Currently getting that fixed...)
    Al'Tyr liason

Command: OIC
Supply: Prowl ₪ Scrapheap(?)
Medic: Ratchet ₪ Scrapheap
Black Ops: Angelic Knight ₪ Cyberfrost ₪ Doubletake ₪ Swipes
Science: Cyberfrost ₪ ShadowShock

The external groups are their own groups usually controlled by one player and have their own agendas and therefor are not fully part of the Autobot Army. However, Storm Hawk would report to the Autobot OIC while commanding the troops under their own command. Omnicron on the other hand typically listens to no one but will on occasion defer to Angelic Knight on matters of ordering Autobots on the battlefield.

Iron Warriors

  • General Storm Hawk
  • Sentinel Magnus
  • Starshot
  • Master Leo
  • Vanquisher
  • Warhound

Autobot Alliance Strike Force

  • High Warlord Omnicron (Former Supreme Commander of the Decepticons and ArmourCommandos)
  • Forsaken
  • Famine
  • Conquest
  • Pestilence
  • Tankor
  • Storm's End - mobile base

Personal LogsEdit

Anything Else?Edit

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