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By Asael
"Money and power, that's the only religion."
Name[Xerxians are not born with names.]
Nickname(s)Bearer of the Sun; Xerxian Traitor
Alias(es)Ramsayi Aversatrix
Physical appearance
Weight441 lbs.
Skin toneIvory
OtherBlack Markings
WorldWhirlpool Galaxy
Born 137th Century
Xerxes (Star XIII)
Cause of death
Other family
NationalityAmerican (Vessel)
Friend of
Enemy of
Mental state
PersonalityCalm; Free; Ruthless
AlignmentNeutral Evil
ReligionKimagu Worshipper
LikesPurple, Sex, Freedom, War, Heat of Battle, Power, Money
DislikesOther Xerxians, Overly Compassionate People, Docile Creatures
Professional life
FactionThe Vulcania
Employed by
Years active{{{yearsactive}}}
PowersXerxian Physiology
Out of character
CreatedFebruary, 2014
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RP genreSci-Fi
RP typeT1 (Paragraph)
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Ramsayi, known by his kin for being male but having a violet energy coloration, is one of the first Xerxians to stray away from the race and go on his own, gaining him the title, Xerxian Traitor. His defiance and free mind would start a chain reaction, beginning a new age in Xerxian history.


In reality, Ramsayi is only an incorporeal energy sentient that'd be the same color as your common grape, maybe a bit lighter. Whilst within his human vessel, however, he refers to this as his appearance. The skin of the vessel becomes stained with black markings that look similar to paint. Across his mouth, reaching onto both of his corresponding cheeks and surrounding both of his eyes, the paint stains his skin. Despite appearing so lean and athletically built, Ramsayi is gigantic compared to your average human. With the growth in size, it'd only be fair for his genitalia to in size as well, the seeding serpent stretching a massive nine inches when stiffened. Across his chest, the paint stains his skin in an X pattern that only compliments that crucifix pattern that runs down his back. He has violet eyes and long, white hair with shaved sides to emphasize his rebellion to every culture, no matter the race.

Personality Edit

  • Aloof: Being against the Xerxians in almost everyway, he hated the pack mentality they had. This causes him to stay away from groups of people (or people in general) for the most part.
  • Calm: In most cases, Ramsayi rarely loses his cool and keeps calm even when aggravated. This does not mean he will not exterminate those who aggravate him, however, he will do it in an orderly fashion.
  • Ruthless: Ramsayi's emotions are very slim seeing as though he thinks everyone is out to get him. He does not waste time bonding with people and shows no emotion when exterminating someone to reach his goal.
  • Free-Spirited: He is extremely independent and values his freedom more than anything. He finds his freedom more valuable than any jewel or any life.

Weapons and abilitiesEdit

Sutekh, Blade of the MoonEdit

Sutekh is the infamous orichalcum companion of Ramsayi which almost always lies dormant in its snowy sheath at the left side of his hips. This katana features an iridescent, circular guard with a curved, slender, single-edged blade and a relatively short grip to accommodate one hand yet two if need be. As most know, the moon is closely related to lunacy as well as the flow of tides and ultimately, the rise and fall of temperature. Sutekh holds the ability to control and manipulate water, including moisture in the air as well as blood and water within plants. This also allows Ramsayi to control other’s movements as well as manipulate plants to do his bidding. The source of Sutekh’s power stems from the jade gems embedded into the guard of the sword which was ironically originally the possession of an enchanted demon-fighting samurai. As long Ramsayi’s hand remains on the hilt of the blade, sheathed or not, he is able to manipulate water. The secondary ability of the lunar blade is its gift to create ice by decreasing temperatures significantly in an instant. A frosty aura surrounds the blade which also instantly freezes anyone – or anything – which come in contact with the blade. Ramsayi is able to manifest many things with the blade such as water dragons or ice missiles as well as dispel them in an instant. The chilling effects of Sutekh seemingly do not have any effect on the star-born humanoid.


These cigarettes are something he obtained whilst in the 22nd century. Cigarettes had not evolved much over time actually. They still had the simple use of poisoning the bodies of humans with their consent. As nicotine and the smoke simply come in and out of a Xerxian body, the cigarettes would have a much different purpose. Through energy manipulation, the Xerxian rebel is able to create a fire flame in which he then transforms the cigarette into a fiery bomb of sorts. He currently has three packs of cigarettes in his possession, totaling his bombs to 60 in all. Every once in a while he’ll partake in the enjoyment of the poison as he simply finds the action soothing honestly.

Xerxian physiologyEdit

  • Supernatural condition

First and foremost, on the planet of Xerxes, gravity is 1/6th that of Earth. In terms of pounds, the average weight on this planet is 13,230 lbs. On Earth, the typical Xerxian weighs a measly 440 pounds which gives them about a 30:1 gravity ratio but the inertia of a mule. With the absorption of the sun’s energy as well as surrounding energies, Xerxian people inhabiting planet Earth have superhuman strength, speed, intelligence, reflexes, and stamina as well as superhuman senses and accelerated healing. The extent of these abilities depends on how much energy the Xerxian is currently utilizing however. Upon the apprehension of said Xerxian's vessel, they grow immensely, reaching towering heights of at least six feet and seven inches.

  • Dermal armor

Once humanoid form is assumed, the vessel’s skin becomes extremely dense/solid allowing them to withstand harmful strains on the body such as crushing weights, impacts, pressures, and changes in temperature. The strength of the Xerxian’s tough shell can be best compared to chromium-vanadium steel. Blunt strikes or attacks with little skill and simply brute force fair not well against the skin of a Xerxian in human form. It would bounce back as if trying to slice a mountain.

  • Immunity'

As a result of not having your typical human physiology, the Xerxians are not affected by things that corrupt one’s senses with the exception of sight. Also, with the lack of use for organs, the humanoid Xerxian is completely immune to every form of disease brought on by bacteria, viruses, or even parasites. Unlike other creatures with this immunity, the Xerxian DNA cannot be apprehended because they lack it. Therefore they cannot be used to create cures for disease.

  • Multi-lens

Once the humanoid body has been apprehended and the transformation begins taking place, the eyes of the creature also begin to change. Those vibrant irises seemingly change to the color of the Xerxian’s energy coloration while also developing multiple lenses which each hold their own purpose. The first and outermost lens seemingly protects their eyes from the effects of glares and flashes, making blinding them very difficult. The second lens allows for Ramsayi to perceive the infrared spectrum, allowing him to see any and all kinds of heat signatures. The third and final lens grants vision into the astral plane (realm of the dead). The final lens is normal vision on the material plane. Every layer is protected by the first lens and only one can be used at a time.

  • Semi-immortality

So long that a Xerxian remains on Earth, forever feeding on the Sun’s natural radiation, they will live. The radiation of the sun seeps through most things; however, if a foe can somehow shield the radiation from the Xerxian, they will be able to kill them.


Coming into existenceEdit

Ramsayi, as you may have guessed, is the product of a red Xerxian male and a blue Xerxian female. He is the third generation from the original Horus Guild and thus was destined to take his rightful place among the Quadratic Council soon enough. He came to existence only shortly after the Xerxian-Kimagu War had ended which allowed him to know the secrets of the Horus Guild as well as the massacre that occured prior to his existence. The Quadratic Council taught their seeds the art of energy manipulation fairly young and also leaving them room to develop their own 'styles'. Unlike the others who blatantly disregarded the art, Ramsayi decided he would perfect his craft. He spent most of his time honing his skills in between migrations, destroying whatever he could. This would lead to his free-minded personality and with him ultimately abandoning the preset docile nature. He was destined to be great. Ramsayi had many associates despite only labeling two other Xerxian young his friends. Those two friends were a greenish-yellow female and a bloody male, who were also considered the popular ones being led by Ramsayi. Over many years he divulged plans and ideas to purge the Xerxians so that they may start anew with their own thoughts and ideas. He soon told his trusted friend, the greenish-yellow female, about his plans but she was much more loyal to the Quadratic Council than she was to Ramsayi. With much haste did she tell them of Ramsayi's plan, only causing a chain of events that would change Xerxian history for the rest of time.


"Underground", Ramsayi began teaching his people the secrets to energy manipulation in hopes they would share the secret with their friends and them with theirs and so on until they all knew about it. With his greenish-yellow friend betraying him, the Quadratic Council pursued him vigorously. It was only a matter of time before the all-powerful Council caught and imprisoned him. However, the people of Xerxes had not developed an effective prison system due to the fact that no one ever disobeyed the Council laws. This would make Ramsayi's escape fairly easy. All he had to do was absorb the energy from the energy prison and run away into the stars. Hijacking a small spacecraft from the planet they currently occupied, Ramsayi made his way into the depths of the Whirlpool Galaxy and hit lightspeed. Upon leaving, he took a Xerxian Gateway along with him to aid him in his travels. Only by pure chance did Ramsayi find himself in the Milky Way Galaxy and on his way down to Earth. He crash landed in Western Australia in the year 3706 where he'd cause a crater before escaping outside to the rest of the world.


He quickly got an understanding of human culture and civilization as well as their native animals. One animal in particular, the Ramsay’s python AKA aspidites ramsayi, whom was feared because of its sheer size and supreme power. From this creature is where'd he adopt his moniker of Ramsayi, also gaining the surname Aversatrix while studying the various languages. He came across many creatures before he chose who he wanted. After long travels and studies, he'd find a nineteen year old human male whom he would have chosen to be his vessel. He practiced with many animals and other various creatures before attempting this however. He would leave the area where he had adopted his new body and grow bored with this era. His would cause him to use the Xerxian Gateway and venture hundreds of years into the past, finding himself in Japan [Edo Period]. He'd then come across a legendary demon-hunter ironically and slay him with the utmost ease, perfecting his newfound abilities. His arrival through the Xerxian Gateway alarmed the demon-hunter who, almost instantly, labeled him a demon. He used a peculiar blade named Sutekh which was apprehended after his death by the Xerxian outlaw. To his understanding, this land was the slowest when it came to advancements in civilization in comparison to the other planets and worlds. Ramsayi now spends his time skipping century after century and time after time without any knowledge of how to get back home though he kind of enjoys the aimless wandering across Earth.[Still being written.]