Awakening Forums, is a free Play-by-post role-playing game, specializing in role playing games via a forum. The purpose of Awakening Forums is to provide players the opportunity of joining a role playing games or allow players to create there own game using advanced Gamesmasters control panels that creates there own world forum within the forum.

History Edit

Awakening Forums was founded in September 13, 2008 by Garry Harper and a group of friends as a private forum designed solely to keep in touch with each other who moved away and more importantly Role-playing game online.

In January 2009 a invite friend feature was installed into the forum allowing more players to join from recommendations, this increased the community to a much larger scale.

In January 2010 after a number of years the forum received many email requests to join and many daily hits. The discussion was made to allow the public to join via an application form that would be reviewed by the forums admin team. The result has now made Awakening Forums one of the fastest growing community Play-by-post role-playing game online.

Today the forum still remains a exclusive roleplay community for selected players who have all been hand picked by the Admin team or also known as Forum Masters to Awakening Forums.

Editors Edit

Awakening Forums relies on a staff of volunteer editors who are known as Forum Masters.

  • Garry Harper - Forum Master and Founder
  • Anonymous - Forum Master II and Founder
  • Michael Flenniken - Forum Master III
  • Mark Winter - Forum Master IV

Each Forum Master has a percific duty within the forum from technical, moderator, developer to promotional.

External links Edit

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