B. Dailey is a former Star Trek simmer who was active from ca 1996 to 2001. He served in Fleet 74 and Trek Online, rising to the rank of Vice Admiral in Trek Online.


Early CareerEdit

Dailey began his career as a simmer in Fleet 74 on CompuServe. Fleet 74 was the largest (and occasionally only) Star Trek simming organization on CompuServe, but with CompuServe in its final decline as an online service and rapidly loosing members to other providers, the club determined to launch branches outside of CompuServe. Dailey, who also had an account with Prodigy, was tasked to establish a branch of Fleet 74 on that service.


Getting to work, Dailey surveyed the simming landscape on Prodigy and, in February, reached out to Chas Hammer, commanding officer of Trek Online's USS Orion sim on Prodigy and inquired if Trek Online would be interested in merging into Fleet 74. Chas politely rebuffed the offer, but the two became friends. Daily did manage to establish a Star Trek sim on Prodigy, the USS Gateway. He also established the Allied Clubs League as a forum for club leaders on Prodigy to discuss issues of the day.

Despite his efforts, Prodigy was as much of a service in decline as CompuServe. Frustrated by a lack of support from Fleet 74, as well as its instance on applying its CompuServe grown rules, which Daily felt were not applicable to Prodigy, he quit Fleet 74. Daily attempted to establish his own club on Prodigy around the USS Gateway, but his efforts did not bare fruit, and several of his simmers drifted to the USS Orion instead. Dailey than approached Chas about starting a branch of Trek Online on CompuServe; Chas agreed and Dailey quickly got to work.

Trek Online CompuServeEdit

The Trek Online CompuServe Division (TOL CIS) held its first sim in May of 1997, and by July the division contained five active sims. However, the division expanded too quickly and its sims proved to be short staffed. When school resumed in the fall, the division experienced a severe school slump; with CompuServe continuing to loose members (within a year the service was sold to America Online), not enough replacements could be found and Dailey closed up operations.

Following the closure of TOL CIS, Daily made his way to America Online and took part in the sims Trek Online ran on that service, although he did not join a crew or command a sim.

Gaming ClansEdit

By the turn of the millennium, Dailey had become a fan of the Star Trek Armada multiplayer game. In 2001, Dailey again approached Chas, offering to organize gaming clans of Trek Online. Chas agreed, and in July 2001 Daily established the Trek Online Gaming Clans. Friction though between the gamers and the simmers who ran Trek Online caused a number of the gamers to quit in August. Daily soon after stepped down from his position.

USS VindicatorEdit

Daily ultimately drifted away from simming and gaming; although he remained a steadfast supporter of Trek Online. Following the collapse of the club in 2004, Daily was a frequent participant in the USS Vindicator reunion sims.

Command PositionsEdit