Name: Backstop

Primary Function: Autobot technican

Alt mode: Dune Buggy

Alt mode 2: Speed boat

Profile: A mechanical genius. Backstop loves nothing better then tinkering away on a new poject.

Weakness: Backstop couldn't beat up a kitten. If he gets caught in a bad situation the other autobots, most of the time Daggerjaw, have to protect him. This is a problem because if someone with his skills is needed in a battle field, he'll be the first to voluteer .

Info: Backstop is very multi-talented. He's as happy digging through an Autobots CPU as through a computer console. He was the one set to analyze Daggerjaw's amnesia. During the examination the two developed a close friendship. Now, when not caught in a fight, the two are often foumd in each others company. Backstop has a small amount of resentment to combat bots. While technical skills are his joy, he feels he should b able to help in a fight. While one of the most courageous autobots, he's also probably the weakest. He feels that beyond repairs, he's not much good to anyone. He is however vital for battle field repairs or delicate mechanical situations eg BOMBS!! Backstop has promised to help Daggerjaw regain his memories in anyway he can

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