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NameFelix Blackmon
Nickname(s)The Cheshire Cat
Physical appearance
Skin tonePale
HairJet Black
OtherCat Tail, Claws & Ears
Born 911 AD
Ancient England
Died 931 AD
Ancient England
Cause of deathMurder
Other family
Friend of
Enemy of
Mental state
PersonalityFree; Calm; Manipulative; Chaotic
AlignmentChaotic Evil
LikesSex; Freedom; Rape; Control
DislikesClose-Minded People; Soldiers
Professional life
Employed by
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Out of character
RP title
RP genreFantasy
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 Felix Blackmon was a man of simplicity and freedom. However, many people during that time loathed those who did not seek their God for guidance and wisdom ultimately leading to the murder of the man.


From head to toe, Exodus is always garbed in the finest threads though this is simply an illusion. He wears the clothing assigned to him since becoming a reaper, appearing as nobility with his stature. He has pale, almost green skin that looks like the skin of freshly dead persons. This is often disregarded because of his unusually flawless appearance, aside from his skin. Ruby orbs that glisten in the pale moonlight bring out the almost iridescent silky, midnight tresses which stretch to about the center of his spine. Protruding from those locks are the ears of your common feline, pierced along the rim of the external ear flap. These can only be matched by the short claws that replace fingernails and the extensive tail that hangs from his lower back. He towers barely above six feet from the ground when he chooses to as well as having two alternate forms:

British Shorthair: In this form, Exodus appears as your common year old British Shorthair feline, only with slight alterations. From paw to shoulder, he stands about twenty four centimeters and has no set weight due his apparent intangibility in this form. Exodus has a dense, plush black coat that breaks over the contours of the feline body. His eyes are large, round and widely set and have an azure glow surrounding the vertically slit pupils. His head is round with full, chubby cheeks and his body is large and muscular with a broad chest and shoulders, short legs, round paws, and a plush tail with a blunt tip. While travelling which is now known as Cheshire with the Grim Reaper, Exodus would go wander around the forest and town within his leisure, watching the people as they waste their lives. Often times, people who were not aware of their abilities to see into the spirit realm would notice him and in his excitement of being recognized, he would grin peculiarly widely, revealing large, serrated fangs. The wide, mischievous grin and the unusual Capri hues within the irises of the peculiar feline are what gave Exodus the name, the Cheshire cat, aside from his ability to vanish from thin air in the blink of an eye.

Chimera: This transformation occurs once the Rhapsody exoskeleton has been applied to Exodus’ body. While in this form, Exodus is unable to use his intangibility ability on his own physical body yet it still applies to the Madness series. The fire element and lightning element then become spiritual affinities, then being referred to as the God Elements. The flames of the Divine Wave become black just like the lighting from the Thunder Shocks and hold the power to smite anything to the point of non-existence, leaving not even ashes in their place. His feline tail becomes a long, pointed obsidian skeleton tail that is able to rip through enemies while tearing them a new belly button with the serrated segments. The claws that replace the typical human’s fingernails become black and entirely consume the finger tips. These shadow claws allow Exodus to tear through armor and souls with his bare hands and the utmost ease. Obsidian markings stain the right side of his body, appearing in a flowing pattern.  His hidden right eye is uncovered and revealed to be a golden brown with a round pupil as opposed to the vertically slit pupil on his azure left eye. His long, jet black hair becomes a glowing snowy hue as he grows three more two more identical arms to hold each weapon of Madness and still use a free hand for the shadow claws. In addition to the arms and the tail, Exodus also sprouts two gigantic bird wings that can be used for traditional flight or to create massive gusts of winds to push his enemy.


  • Free: More than anything in his entire existence, Exodus values his freedom. This means he'll do anything to protect his freedom and also do spontaneous things to express said freedom.
  • Calm: Despite being so chaotic and free, Exodus is able to keep his composure in most situations. This does not mean he will not defend what is rightfully his, however, he will indeed take offensive actions just in a more mellow manner.
  • Manipulative: Exodus will stop at nothing to achieve his goals and as he holds no emotional connection to anyone as of yet, he will not hold back any of his conniving schemes to control others to do his bidding.
  • Chaotic: Exodus believes there is no order to anything in the world, including his own actions. To some, he is a personification of freedom and fun and to others he is simply a nuisance.

Weapons & ArmorEdit


The Rhapsody exoskeleton covers every inch of Exodus’ body aside from his skull and his clawed hands. The obsidian coat and corresponding formal top that once hung from his body wraps around him and begins to gain density, becoming a chest plate, and upper armor. It is a shadowy armor lined with a golden color and a dragon design on the chest plate to make it look fancy. The armor itself holds no special abilities aside from its exceptional durability and elasticity. The boots and pants that once covered Exodus’ lower half becomes obsidian greaves, cuisse and tassets lined with the same gold. The mask that covers his left eye seems to melt and become the final piece to the armor set: the pauldrons. Embroidered at the center of the cuirass, within the dragon’s maw, is a glistening diamond that appears to have something flowing within, finished off with an assortment of pointless gems surrounding the jewel. The diamond holds every harvested soul that Exodus has collected after abandoning the Grim Reaper and is often hidden behind some sort of protective layer created by the live Rhapsody armor. One of the curses of the Rhapsody armor, however, is that Exodus becomes evident to the physical realm and is able to be seen by the naked eye… and affected by worldly weapons. He is seen as a blur to living creatures while wearing the armor, typically being detected due to his shadow becoming obviously visible. Usually, the Shinigami are only able to be seen by the undead and the gifted and only able to be touched by some sort of magic. Although Exodus is able to interact with the physical dimension, those in the physical dimension are unable to hear or see him at all (aside from those special exceptions). While in the Rhapsody exoskeleton, Exodus is unable to take form as the famed Cheshire cat and his intangibility ability becomes disabled and unable to be utilized. This armor does not have only downsides however; it does grant Exodus some special abilities. Once the Rhapsody exoskeleton has been put on, the Chimera form can now be assumed, granting Exodus an array of newfound powers. The only other skills that comes with the Rhapsody armor is the Midnight Coffin and Thunder God Barrage.

  • Midnight Coffin

This technique takes two turns of preparation (five in all) following the formation of the Rhapsody armor and the transformation of the Chimera state. Midnight Coffin is a powerful, and deadly, ability which allows Exodus to create a black spiritual coffin made entirely of black/purple energy, which envelops the target with a powerful torrent of gravity before taking the form of a box of black energy, covered in several spear-like protrusions which pierce the box, lacerating the one inside from head to toe. The coffin has been said to distort space and time as it appears the skies darken in color, becoming a deep violet color and the black, energy spears rip through every dimension at once, destroying anything in its path. It holds no definite size.

  • Thunder God Barrage

It requires one turn of preparation (four in all), following the formation of the Rhapsody armor to perform this dastardly technique. This technique focuses more on the Sonido speed rather than the power itself. First, Exodus engulfs his body in an aura that protects him from the damages of moving faster than light itself. This aura is unseen and unable to be detected by normal means… that’s even if you get a chance to see it. Using his innate Sonido ability in addition to his Chimera buff, Exodus moves faster than the speed of light (700 MPH), sprinting in front of his foe before kicking him up into the air and then slamming him down by his legs, followed by a barrage of lightning fast punches using both hands. This technique not only is able to be used on physical beings but astral foes as well, ultimately crushing his opponent if they weren’t already dead by the body-splitting kick.


Madness is not necessarily one weapon yet a series which can be formed at will and each holds their own specific element. As a result of the Madness trio being completely crafted by Exodus, there is an innate ability each one holds and this is to become intangible, turning into pure dark energy at any given time. He does not need the weapons to be in his hands for him to control them. Each weapon can be maneuvered through telepathy, even when in the intangible dark gas-like state… this also means they hold no definite weight or density.

  • The Thunder Shocks

These chakrams have a main wheel that is divided in half, both halves being held together by the cross-shaped handle. Each half of the main wheel sports four spikes of increasing size. All of the spikes slant in the same direction. The entireties of the chakrams are black, except for the halves of the main wheel, both of which have a yellow line through their centers, and the handle, which is red-orange. This weapon holds the power to control and manipulate lightning.

  • The Divine Wave

The Divine Wave has a smooth, white handle with a grey spike set in its pommel. The guard is a pale yellow semi-circle with four small notches in its outer edge. The lower part of the main blade is thick and has concave sides, each side being lined by three small notches. The blade is pale blue and has blue-grey edges. The lower half of the blade is decorated by two small, light blue diamonds. The tip of the claymore is divided into two large, identical halves, which are connected to the main blade by a pale yellow cross-shaped symbol, each with three complete spikes lining the outer edge. These halves also have four enormous, pale blue spikes shaped like thick spearheads. These weapons contain the power to control and manipulate flames.

  • The Twin Reapers

These dual blades have a black handle with a black spike in its pommel. The left half of the guard is light blue with a small, black section near its base, and connects to both ends of the handle, while the right half is black, curves outward slightly, and does not connect to the bottom of the handle. Its shaft is light blue on its left half and regular blue on its right half. The head of the blade is blue and forms a large hook that curves to the left. Its teeth are comprised by three curved spikes lining the outer edge of the hook. These blades are made to rip through flesh and bodies with the utmost swiftness, holding the ability to grant Exodus the power to manipulate and control air currents.


Like any other Shinigami, Exodus possesses enhanced strength and speed yet his thought procession reaches that of supernatural conditions.

  • Semi-Immortality

Exodus’ spirit will live on forever until it is completely destroyed or he rips himself apart using the Madness weapons. This will only happen if he actually goes mad, however. This means that if even a speck of his soul is left, he is able to be brought back to life via black magic or holy magic. He holds no affiliation to either affinities and is therefore unaffected by their specific effects as well. This also means, his soul/essence/energy is able to be captured or imprisoned and ultimately defeated.

  • Sonido

As an innate ability of being a Shinigami (or Reaper), Exodus is able to move faster than the common eye can see, often being related to teleportation. With Exodus not being a physical manifestation, him moving faster than sound does not create any sonic booms nor any other sound for that matter aside from the almost silent static noise of spiritual movement. Exodus is able to cover exceptional distances with this ability when in his Chimera form.

  • Claw Retraction

Unlike most Reapers or Shinigami, Exodus has grown an apparent liking to his alternate form which is that of a black cat. This often means he never returns his finger nails (or ears.. or tail) back to ‘normal’ when he reverts to his human appearance. However, this means the razor sharp claws can be used for offensive purposes, such as ripping through a foe’s flesh – or soul.

  • Intangibility & Possession

Being only a spirit in literal terms, Exodus is able to phase through walls and other things, including human bodies. With this ability in mind, Exodus is able to occupy a meat suit, accompanying the lonely soul within and ultimately controlling the human. He can also apply this possession to animals and creatures with physical bodies, stealing their motor function and senses. If mentally overpowered by the host, which is very unlikely, the body will enter a sleep-like state until the host is able to gain the power to become conscious again. Exodus can also be exorcised outside of the body but not outside of the world. With his intangibility, Exodus is also able to allow his lower body dissipate and make him seem like a ghost with a gas-like lower body that floats above the ground. This ability can be used in his feline state and his normal form.

  • Soul Mutilation

With this ability, Exodus is not only able to physically harm a foe… or neutral for that matter, but he can also attack one’s very soul. The damage he deals out to the soul is permanent, and if he chooses so, he can destroy it to the point of death to its vessel. Although he is unable of entirely erasing a soul, this still becomes a useful ability when a spirit simply does not want to rest.



I will keep Felix Blackmon’s prior life short and simple. Before his death, he was a loyal family member and a worthy farmer in ancient England, around 930 AD. He struggled to be accepted by the commoners as everyone had their suspicions and beliefs about what happened after death while Felix simply had no care for it at all. He simply believed you should live your life as a righteous man and that he did. He did no wrongs towards anyone; he never even disrespected his parents when he was a child. Of course, however, no matter how good of a man Felix was, those who believed in God believed he was a demon sent straight from Hell to corrupt the world with his freedom talk. At the age of 21, Felix was murdered by a commoner in the name of Christ.


After Felix’s demise, his ‘soul’ immediately exited its body and became a vengeful spirit. His only reason for remaining on this God forsaken plant was to find his murderer and curse his entire family. The vengeful spirit spent three long years of searching, unable to communicate with the physical realm in any way meaning he moved unguided and had no way to discover who killed him. Those three years were pointless but that did not stop the motivated Felix. His spirit was set on revenge and it was relentless… that is, until he was confronted by the “Grim Reaper”. They had a short, brief conversation about what was next. Where would Felix go if he quit his journey? What would his purpose be? Either way, Felix refused to live neither a boring, pointless life in Heaven nor an excruciating, painful eternity in Hell. The Grim Reaper offered Felix something else for he saw something in that ferocious spirit. In return for purpose, he would have to harvest or guide souls to the Gates. Now, this did not mean once Felix had found the soul, he would have to go on a long journey with it, no. This meant that he would have to find the souls and simply collect them until he was ready to take them to the Gates. Felix asked no questions about the Gates or the identity of the being that approached him. He had nothing to lose, he was already dead.

Exodus is BornEdit

With the Grim Reaper at his side, being his master of sorts, Felix spent decades harvesting souls to be judged by the Supreme Ruler, whether it be God, Zeus, or Anubis; Felix did not care. He had abandoned his human surname after fifty years, simply being referred to as Felix or “Exodus” by the Grim Reaper: the only person able to see him… or even ask for his name. The duo had troubles here and there over those many decades that would eventually lead the great Reaper to give Exodus his weapon, Madness as well as his armor, Rhapsody and his more powerful form, the Chimera. Madness, at one point in time, was simply extraordinary magical abilities granted to the young Exodus who had no type of weapons training at the time. With time passing and Exodus having nothing but time, he turned Madness into an array of weapons, each having their own destructive nature and each being embedded with two identical gems and a special gem for each one. This showed the Grim Reaper that Exodus was learning fast and getting a bit too intelligent in regards to the spiritual realm to be controlled by him.

Freedom (At Last)Edit

Only seven years subsequent to the mastering of the series called Madness would the controlling Grim Reaper attempt to rid the world of the now powerful Exodus’ existence as a whole but no, Exodus refused to go out like that. The Reaper’s feeble attempt at destroying Exodus was put on hold when Exodus seemingly disappeared from any realm. This wasn’t the case, however. He simply placed a permanent location disclosure spell on himself with the help of the witch he met long ago…