Name: Blastshell

Alt. Mode: Panzer Howitzer 2000

Allegiance: Cobracon

Function: Weapon designer

Weapons: Shrike 1, 2x Type-79 SMG, 2X Energy sword

Strengths: Once Subject is dug into a position he can rain a hail of bullets and shells at long distance becoming the perfect long-range support.

Weaknesses: Subject's alt mode is subject to attacks from almost every side except from the front, and at times can get too involved in firing his weapons to pay attention to what's going on around him.

Bio: Like his fellow teammates Blastshell was designed to be the perfect weapons designer and short-long range support. To do this Master Galvatron copied the sparks of Scrapper, Bonecrusher, Mixmaster, and Hook to make him not only great with weapons but also at creating them as well as other things. He takes great pride in each of his creations and gets very angry if anyone sees any flaw in them or criticizes them; to him each one is a perfect masterpiece of work. And although he may not seem it at first, he is truly a fearsome opponent on the battlefield.

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