Primary Character

Name: Blazecleaver

Faction: Decepticon

Primary function: Heavy support

Alt mode: Laser cannon

Weapons: EMP pulse rifle – temporarily disables electrical functions of the target. Each clip has three shots. Blazecleaver has four clips in a bandolier, with the rest of his ammunition.

An energy blade for close quarters combat. Cuts through most materials. Can only be active for a limited time, then will need to recharge. Beam rifle. Less powerful mid-range laser. Carries 30 shots in one clip. Blazecleaver has five clips.

Profile: Blazecleaver is a soldier. That’s all he is, and all he wants to be. He carries an intense hatred of those who do not abide by his own code of honour, for example shooting an unarmed opponent, with no given cause. To Blazecleaver, a soldier with no weapon is a prisoner. Not a corpse. Since he is a weapon himself, he relies on other Decepticons to enable his survival in battle, and only carries weapons he believes are necessary for his survival. And, like most Decepticons, he is not a fan of wasting ammunition. If you are going to shoot, you must intend to hit. He has no real history to him. He keeps to himself. Another rule of his. Speak only when necessary. As a result, he has very few friends. But the ones he does have are willing to fight to the end with him. Shame he’s not seen them recently. The only time he breaks his speech rule is when alone. He talks to himself. It centres him, calming him down in any situation. A soldier at processor, and a soldier in body. What better form for a warrior than a gun? Held in the hands of a competent fighter, Blazecleaver is a force to be reckoned with.

Abilities: Gun mode delivers very powerful shot but after firing, Blazecleaver is trapped in gun mode for around seven minutes. Weaknesses: In order to fight effectively, Blazecleaver is usually wielded by another Transformer, so his transformation lock does not have as negative an effect.

History: Blazecleaver began his military career serving as a gunnery chief aboard the Decepticon cruiser Zeitgeist, a ship which made only four successful voyages, before crash-landing on the planet Korash Delta-5. Being the only non-civilian Decepticon survivor, Blazecleaver quickly took command of the small team of scientists that had made it into the ship's escape pods before the crash.

Although the pods did not leave the atmosphere, their shock absorbers was enough to protect the researchers Talonlaser, Thunderscythe, Starbreaker, and Mercwing, who were quickly dragged from the wreckage by the former gunnery chief. From there, Blazecleaver ordered the construction of the Korash Delta-5 outpost, salvaged from the remains of the Zeitgeist, and making good use of the ship's surviving electrical equipment. Before long, a deposit of energon was discovered near the crash site, and Blazecleaver led the scientists in an effort to create a small energon well, which proved to be a successful operation. Only a few stellar cycles after the crash, an orange streak burned across the sky, crash landing a short distance away from the site. Before any of the Decepticons could react, a trio of armed shuttles descended from the sky, landing just outside of the outpost. Blazecleaver armed himself with the remains of the armoury, and trekked out alone to meet the new arrivals. The largest of their number stepped forward, and proclaimed himself the leader, challenging Blazecleaver for control of the outpost, and by extension, the planet, unaware of Blazecleaver's military status.

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