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Calamar are giant squids with spider legs.


Calamar have long tentacles and long spider legs and a bulbous head. Two large pockets of skin grow on either side of their bodies are used for squirting water to increase speed. When a Calamar swims using the water jets it drastically increases its speed three times. Calamars also have a smaller gland that releases ink to cloud the water and allow them to escape any predators.Their skin color ranges in a variety shades of pink. They are carnivores, but have been known to eat plants for medicine.

Additional factsEdit


Calamars have large eyes that allow them to see well in low light as well as movement. Their tentacles and legs allow them to read the surface around them by touch and their suction cups are capable of tasting.


Calamars speak using telepathy. They can communicate with sentient aquatic life forms with their telepathy. To communicate with land based life forms they use a translator device.


Calamar communities are divided into classes such as Workers, Merchants, Scientists, Doctors, Military and Monks. They all have a tattoo on their forehead to indicate their class level as well as rank. The tattoo is used for status as well as for attracting a mate. Calamar are a very peaceful race and have very little crime. They are very dependant on the religious faction to guide them. Calamars have a long life span and can live up to six hundred years under ideal conditions.


Calamar Monks are the representatives of the religious part of the Calamar. They are very similar to human Shaolin Monks in many ways. They prefer to not fight unless necessary, they meditate often, they study history and traditional medicine and they practice Zen-Kata. Zen-Kata is a form of aquatic martial arts, which is highly effective.


Long ago when the JMC was colonizing other worlds for resources and research they found a planet called Poseidon II. The JMC established a huge water bottle processing company, called Aquafina. The water plant was a front for a secret military base that had many secrets. The JMC officers were very fond of calamari and breed squid as a food source. During a mysterious accident the squid were released into the water and slowly evolved over the next three million years. After growing the spider legs and entering the early stages of mental evolution some of the Calamar discovered the underwater water plant and slowly figured out many secrets.The base was named the “Temple of Aquafina” and represented the goddess Aquafina or goddess of water.The founders of the temple created the Calamar Monks, which was the main focus of the Calamar people.

Over many generations the Calamar evolved using JMC technology to better their lives and eventually travel in space. The Calamar found very little resistance when colonizing other planets and exploration. However their empire came to a halt during an encounter with the Simulants. The Simulants mistook the Calamar for JMC and attacked them with out mercy. The war lasted over five hundred years and many of the Calamar were forced to leave their homes to become nomads in space. While trying to find another planet to colonize the last of the Calamar were shot down onto a planet with a heavy electromagnetic field that neutralized all technology. On this unknown planet the last known Calamar Monk named Franky lives in solitude as he slowly ages. Franky was befriended by Jaxx (part man, part shark and part surfer), who is a member of the Blue Dwarf crew. Franky made a deal with Jaxx to keep the memory of his people alive and spread the word of Aquafina to other aquatic sentient life forms since he can’t leave the planet.