Captian Radnar - Riotcon commander

Alt and robot modes:


Hieght in robot mode - 45 feet

Strength: 8

Intelligence: 10

Speed: 4

Agility: 4

Endurance: 10

Courage: 10

Firepower: 5

Accuracy: 3

Hand to hand skill: 7

Technical Skill: 9

total 70

Bio:Radnar is a relic of technology that has fallen out of use in the construction processes of many decepticon and autobot chassis. His auxilary systems are all housed within a secure centralry mounted core surrounded by a near indestructible alloy. It was not unknown for him to fight while missing half of his head and parts of his limbs and/or torso. Originally created by a decepticon overlord known as Sandstorm, Radnar started existenceas a smart computer that was used to control the mindless Riotcon drones that were used to keep the worlds population in check. while creating the first of the riotcon enforcers a bolt of magna lightning struck the construction plant, transfering the computers functions into the newly created Riotcon enforcer. Unusually this resulted in a spark that contained all of the control parameters and systems required to control the smaller riotcons. After sandstorm was overthrown the Riotcons were inducted into the decpticon forces.


Alt mode:

Can make use of dual 40mm repeater cannons.

Robot mode:

Riot shield: Made from a similar alloy that of his internal core sheild it is a very strong defensive weapon.

Flash emitter:

Mounted on Radnar's right arm this is not really a weapon, it emits a flash of light that can blind a target temporarily. He is also equipped with four flash bangs and four smoke grenades.

Shock maul:

Upon contact it activates an electrical charge to magnify the force of the blow. Many have power settings with low power being used as a non-lethal stunning weapon, while high settings are quite capable of blowing off limbs.

Impervious to pain:

Due to the nature of his system construction he has no external pain sensors and does not feel weapon impacts.

Riotcon forces:

Radnar is fitted with a riotcon control unit that is fitted directly onto his spark casing. Each riotcon is a slightly smaller version of Radnar[about 10 feet shorter in height, sharing the same weapons/alt mode but lacking the flash emitter. They only have two of each grenade type.]. They have only drone level AI but Radnar always has a huge number of them {where he gets them from is unknown but most ships he is recruited onto are equipped with a large alien hexagonal sphere of which noone understands its function.}. When on board his flagship he uses orbital drop pods to deploy his forces. Each drop pod can contain up to thirty Riotcons which can fight within 0.74 seconds of landing. Radnar can see everything his forces see and he can control hundreds if not thousands of Riotcon drones in combat if they are needed.


Inability to feel pain can mean that he can unwittingly severe his limbs during battle.

Riotcon drone.


mindless - follows orders given by radnar through psychic link.

equipped with smaller versions of radnars weapons. each riotcon is 10 feet smaller than radnar. and have the following stats:

Strength: 6

Intelligence: 0

Speed: 2

Agility: 2

Endurance: 8

Courage: 10 {due to being mindless they are fearless}

Firepower: 3

Accuracy: 2

Hand to hand skill: 5

Technical Skill: 0


Riotcons are weak individually but are deployed in vast numbers by radnar. If radnars psychic link is severed or interupted then the riotcons will remain motionless.

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