Welcome to the castle of doom! beware all who enter here, this is a dangerous place. If you want to enter, please put your character's name in the space below.

namespace Edit


A person who has no idea what this is


An elf looking for an adventure

actionspace Edit

if you wish to make any drastic actions, please say so here.

Leonitas would like to: Try to break or cut the door down with sharp and blunt objects laying on the floor.

Theren would like to: Use a battering ram to destroy the gate

The castle of doom Edit

The castle is very large, and, as you step in, you are confronted with three doors. The First Door is wood, and heavily decorated, with carvings of dragons on it. the second seems to be made of some sort of metal, with many, many complicated locks. The third one is quite obviously boobytrapped, probably not even a door. It says "open me" on it.