A Edit

Aero Dynamica Decepticon

Airdrop Autobot

Airstrike Autobot

AirWedge --

Aisha Natsuki Autobot

All Terrain ArmourCommando


Angel aka Angela Mercy

Angelic Knight Autobot Leader

B Edit

Backstop Autobot

Blastshell Cobracon

Blazecleaver Decepticon

C Edit

Captain Mir Decepticon

Captian Radnar w/ Drone Riotcon Commander

Chronoflux Autobot

Combuster Decepticon

Corrode Decepticon

Crusade Roughnecks Good

Cyberax Unknown

Cyberfrost Autobot

D Edit

Dagor ArmourCommando

Dai Atlas Autobot

Dark Sumdac Autobot

DeadSight ArmourCommando

Deadly Silence Decepticon

Deadstop w MissleHawk Decepticon

Desert Storm Decepticon

Devastis Decepticon

Die Hard --

Doppleganger Decepticon

Doubletake Autobot (Double Agent)

Dragster Decepticon

Drakan Decepticon

Draven "Wolf" Alexander

Draxon Altera Decepticon

Dust Off Monster Truck Special Operations Team (Autobot)

E Edit

Earthshaker NPC

Eastwind Autobot

Ecto Autobot

Enigma Decepticon

F Edit

Fastwingz Autobot

Fire Source --

Fiery Angel Autobot

Firestorm Decepticon

Flashdance Roughnecks Good

Forsaken ArmourCommando


Freestyle Roughnecks Good

Frostbite Decepticon

G Edit

Gateway Roughnecks Good

Grave Digger Monster Truck Special Operations Team (Autobot)

Grinder Decepticon

H Edit

Hacks Autobot

Halifax Decepticon

Harmonic Autobot

Hawk-Eye ArmourCommando

Heavy-Metal Autobot

Hi Octane Decepticon

I Edit


Ironhawk ArmourCommando

J Edit

Jack Barkman Neutral

Joyride Roughnecks Good

K Edit

Koralkal Decepticon

L Edit

Landslide Roughnecks Good

Lightning Storm Decepticon

Lockdown Neutral

Lord Calypso Cybertronian Underground Warlord(Decepticon)

Lord Vulcan Decepticon

M Edit

Master Leo Autobot

Maxima Decepticon


mechadinosaur drone---

MegaTenoh Decepticon

N Edit

Nexus Decepticon

Nightshade Decepticon

Nightstalker Decepticon

Nightwatch Wrecker (autobot)

Nova Nitro ArmourCommando

O Edit

Obsidian Autobot/Vehicon

Omnicron ArmourCommando

Onslaught Wrecker (Autobot)

Orion Pax Wrecker Leader (Autobot)

Outburn Neutral

P Edit

Peel Out Decepticon

Pestilence ArmourCommando

Pounder Decepticon

Prowl Autobot

Prowl Nightwolf Decepticon

Q Edit

Quickfang Decepticon

Quick fix Cobracon

R Edit


Rampage ArmourCommando

Ratchet Autobot

Rattrap_00 Decepticon

Ravage Decepticon--Terminated

Ravage SG Decepticon

Ravage (ROTF) Decepticon

Razorfang Decepticon

RedBaron Autobots

Riftblade Autobots

Road Fire Autobot

RodimusAscendant Autobot

Roll Dead Bounty Hunter partial Decepticon

Ronin Decepticon

Ryu Kadavra Autobot

S Edit

Sari Sumdac Autobot

Scrapheap Junkion

Sentinel Magnus Autobot

Shade Decepticon

Shadow Deceased Autobot Leader

Shadowfox Neutral

Shadowshock Autobot

Sharpspike Decepticon Leader

Shockblast aka Aisha Azari (Autobots )

Silverlight Decepticon

Sixstrike NPC

Sky Lynx Autobot

Slowbrowse Decepticon CMO

Snapshot Decepticon 2nd in Command (MIA)

SniperFox Autobot

Solar Flare Autobot

Solaris Decepticon

Solidstrike Autobot

Sonic Bomber Autobot

Sound Track Roughnecks good

Speed Demon ArmourCommando

Splinter Ice ArmourCommando

Stalkblade Autobot

Starshot Autobot

Stepper Autobot

Steven Reed aka Rapidfire Autobot

StormCrow Autobot

StormHawk Autobot

Storms End --

Strika Autobot/Vehicon

Strong Arm Autobot

Stunshock Decepticon

Sunstar Roughnecks good

Supernova Mini-con team Autobot/Mini-cons

SuperSonic Decepticon

Svaat ArmourCommando Lieutenant General

Swipes Autobot

T Edit

Talon Autobot

Talonlaser ArmourCommando

Tankor ArmourCommando

Tiberian Decepticon

Tomahawk ArmourCommando

Top Gun Monster Truck Special Operations Team (Autobot)

U Edit

Ultimate_Jazz Decepticon

V Edit

Vanguard Roughnecks Good

Vanquisher Autobot

Vei Corin --

Venom Decepticon

W Edit

Warhound Wrecker (Autobot)

Warhawk Autobot

Warpath Autobot

Warstorm Decepticon

Wheelie Autobot

Whitestreak Decepticon

Windstorm Decepticon

Wolverine Autobot

X Edit

Y Edit

Z Edit

Zakka'Tk Wrecker (Autobot)

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