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Nickname(s)The Toxic Raven
Alias(es)Alizay Belceer
Age714 yrs.
Species(Evolved) Galvan
Physical appearance
Weight4 lbs.
Skin toneGray
HairCerulean Blue
Born City of Galvinia
Amazon Rainforest
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Alliance(s)Nightmare Troupe
Friend ofYubel

Banner, Jacob Onigiri, Jin

Aversatrix, Ramsayi
Enemy ofThompson, Kakuza
Mental state
AlignmentTrue Neutral
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 Cerebel is an infamous scientist and researcher, best known for his development of the Dominatrix. He is widely revered as one of the most intelligent beings in the entire universe despite his irrational behavior at times.


Cerebel himself is a gray-skinned bipedal amphibious humanoid, standing at only eight inches and weighing a measly four pounds. He has two thin tendrils perched just above both of his eyes and two more hanging from his chin. His body is relatively frail yet still fully supports his large head which is shaped much like a triple spoke wrench. Cerebel also bears two large cerulean blue eyes located on either side of his head near the top and project outwards as hemispherical bulges. They provide binocular vision over a field of 100° to the front and a total visual field of almost 360°. His eyelids close horizontally, from both sides of his eye, and his pupils appear as thin vertical lines. On both of his feet are only three toes and on both of his hands are four relatively thick digits, one of which acts as an opposable thumb. Cerebel's mucus covered body features a tattoo on its back that resembles a raven flying upwards with the number two in its back. Implanted in his left palm is his most prized possession, the Dominatrix.

Quote1 "Some men just want to watch the world burn. No, not me but some men. Quote2


  • Reckless: One of Cerebel's most infamous traits is his irrationality in times where devising plans is crucial. Quoting the First Thinker, Azmuth, Cerebel constantly recites, "Contingency plans? Who has time to worry about that nonsense?" He's unusually bold in his actions and some of his tactics have been considered bizarre, even by the most devious of creatures.
  • Overzealous: Cerebel's goal in life is to be recognized as the smartest being in the universe as he deeply respects Azmuth despite never meeting him. Azmuth's track record alone was enough to inspire Cerebel pursue his egoistic goal. Despite his cheerful nature, Cerebel will stop at nothing to achieve his goals.
  • Meticulous: Despite his knack for being irrational in dire times, Cerebel is also known for his precision in detail and being extremely analytical when scanning data or experimenting.
  • Distrustful: Cerebel suffers from an irrational paranoia. His origins are hidden from the rest of the universe and he tends to second-guess anything he is presented with. He uses drastic measures to discern whether are not people are worthy of his trust.


The Galvan are a race of small bipedal amphibians, native to the planet Galvan Prime. Adult Galvan are capable of bimodal respiration while their younger counterparts are completely aquatic and can only breathe via their gills. These adult Galvan usually possess 3-6 gill slits that allow for underwater respiration via internal gills. However, they also are capable of cutaneous respiration while on land as they oxygenate the tiny blood vessels, capillaries, under the outer skin layers allowing for oxygenation of vital organs. They also possess two brains: a pre-brain for basic bodily functions much like the medulla oblongata in the human brain and main brain that appears as glowing green sphere for everything else, including but not limited to creativity, memories, learning and problem solving. This main brain is capable of surviving and speaking separate from the actual body. The Galvan are also composed of fragile, soft, and flexible bone structures which allows them to squeeze into tight spaces and easily elude danger. Unlike the rest of their body, the Galvan’s most brutal parts are their extremely sharp rows of teeth which have been revealed to have a sharpness similar to monomolecular blades, making them able to easily slice through tough metal and the like without breaking. Unlike the rest of their bones, Galvan teeth and jaws are independent structures and, albeit their size, are extremely dense. These teeth greatly resemble the needle-like teeth of the bull shark and unlike most creatures, Galvan teeth aren’t attached to gums on a root. During their lifetime, Galvan will have shed their teeth thousands of times as well as replace them thousands of times. Galvan typically lose one tooth a day and it takes less than a day for a another tooth to replace it, which showcases their greatly enhanced rejuvenating ability. The second most brutal part about the Galvan are their prehensile and adhesive tongues that can stretch about three times their size. This tongue is thin and airy, allowing to fit into the Galvan maw by jumbling up and stacking on top of itself like a spring for the next time it’d be launched. The Galvan also lack a nose which means they have no sense of smell. They make up for this unfortunate lack of sense with amazing hearing and sight. The Galvan are capable of hearing ultrasounds, up to 1 megahertz and have since learned to regulate their hearing instinctively by the lungs equalizing pressure between the external and inner eardrum surfaces in their tightknit bodies, lowering the amplification of both theirs and external sounds. Their final feature beyond expectations are their powerful legs. They are capable of leaping over twenty ties their own body length and this assists in reaching high places as they can stick to nearly any surface with the microscopic pads that cover their palms and feet bottoms.

Evolutionary DifferencesEdit

Being an evolved Galvan, Cerebel possesses traits unlike any other within his race. Albeit, there are only three main differences. Firstly, his mind is even more advanced than other Galvan. The Galvan are a typically peaceful race who are known for their incredible intelligence which allows them to utilize complex machinery, solve intricate codes and learn complex languages in a matter of minutes, even if they’ve never witnessed them before. ln addition to this, telepathy and telekinesis are often utilized by engages If it were to be determined by contrasting worldly things, the Galvan are all naturally more intelligent than any human or supercomputer. Cerebel is able to operate virtually any machine and invent things from what other beings would deem scrap. In comparison to humans who are only able to access 10% of their brains, galvans naturally have access to 40% of their brain. Secondly, Cerebel’s body has evolved to turn him into a predator. His skin has become extremely durable and feels rubbery when dry. In his stomach lies a powerful corrosive acid which allows him to basically consume anything. Due to the fact his bones are so malleable, consuming things two or three times his size is not a problem. His stomach tissue has evolved in union with his stomach acids, preventing the acid from melting through them and ultimately killing him. Finally, Galvan are also densely covered in mucus to keep their skin moist. However, as an evolved Galvan, Cerebel is also naturally densely coated in an extremely potent cardiotoxic and neurotoxic steroidal alkaloid known as daemonotoxin. The more stressful a situation becomes, the more of this poison is secreted from this amphibian’s many skin glands. Daemonotoxin is capable of being absorbed through the skin or ingested as means of travel to the bloodstream as it binds to and irreversibly opens the sodium channels of nerve cells such that they cannot reset. The neuron is no longer capable of 'firing' (sending messages) and this results in paralysis. It takes only about thirty seconds for this poison to kill the average human male. According to Cerebel’s own studies, a single gram of daemonotoxin is enough to kill one million humans if injected directly into the blood stream. In turn, the evolved Galvan have also developed a modified sodium channel protein in their nerves and muscles, so the daemonotoxin cannot bind to a receptor.


  • Codon Stream Data
  • Digitizing Blood Cells
An invention created by Cerebel, the exobyte is a nanoscopic drone capable of downloading infinite amounts of energy and data. They appear as mechanical fleas that are capable of creeping through the skin and through clothes and get into the targets body. It takes a single exobyte to kill an opponent by entering their body and digitizing them cell by cell, essentially analyzing their very existence in the process. All memories, abilities and personalities would then be stored in that single exobyte's database and ultimately, Cerebel's Codon Stream. The exobytes were designed to analyze subjects and collect data for Cerebel's research. They are all composed of intricate nano-technology, durable enough to walk on the sun and still function, they are capable of generating heat to prevent from being frozen in the vast voids of space, and are capable of transmitting viruses by mimicking their DNA. They have a constant field around them that protect them from electromagnetic interferences. There are about five types of exobytes, all with their select purpose.
  • Basic Exobyte: These are Cerebel's standard, go-to exobytes. These exobytes have no special features but they do their job. Their main task is to scan, store and digitize data.
  • Premium Exobyte: The premium exobyte is only a single step above the basic exobyte in terms of functionality. Premium exobytes have no special features or abilities. They are simply faster, stronger and more durable than the basic exobyte.
  • Support Exobyte: The support exobytes mimic the chemical design of advanced medicine for all species throughout the entire universe. These particular exobytes are used to heal allies and store medical information.
  • Fortified Exobyte: These exobytes typically play the role of suicide bombers. When a target is too tough to enter, these nanoscopic freight trains crash into the target and explode, creating a tunnel and opening for the four other types of exobytes to enter and scan.
  • Aggressive Exobyte: The aggressive exobyte is programmed to forcefully invade and scan subjects that don't cooperate. They kill any subject they scan and since they have no conscious, they do so without delay by and digitizing the target cell by cell.

  • Dormant Cube Mode
  • Active Mode (As Belceer)
The Helix is a form of living metal with a connection directly to the Dominamatrix. Helix is activated by a simple thought which translates to a command from the Dominamatrix, activating Helix. Once activated, Helix wraps around the user to create a power suit. Once in the power suit, the user is granted many abilities. Aside from the typical enhanced speed, durability and strength, the user also gains that ability to shoot highly focused photon beams from their fingers.

  • Dominamatrix Core (Active Mode)
  • Dominatmatrix's Original Design
Implanted into

  • Planet Type II
  • Codon Stream
The Codon Stream: A cosmological network, much like the Internet, that is accessible throughout every dimension and universe. This behemoth was created by Cerebel so that he may access all of his data without having to think too hard about it. All of his creations are connected to this internet on steroids and it is the backup system for all of his information stored on the Dominamatrix. It's sole purpose is to act as a backup server for all of Cerebel's research. All information and date attained by the APD's, Exobytes and Dominamatrix are stored in both those machines and the Codon Stream. This is so that if their connection to the Codon Stream is ever disrupted somehow, they are able to access the data stored within them whilst offline. The core of the Codon Stream is hidden deep within Dimension 23, and has the appearance of a planet, powered by an actual sun. It has a few billion years before its power source needs to be replaced again. The planet is known as TYPE II and is able to be inhabited, though Cerebel doesn't keep up with who inhabits it. The Codon Stream lies at the center of the planet itself. The only way to actually destroy the Codon Stream is by physically going to the village and destroying the physical embodiment of it. It's essentially immune to viruses and cyber warfare through its complex and intricate design and anti-virus system. The Codon Stream is self sufficient and has an AI programming that is Cerebel's soul and personality so that it may take the best actions when Cerebel himself isn't available to give advice. Cerebel's soul has been stored in the Codon Stream so that if his physical body dies, he's capable of creating

  • Passive Mode
  • Medical Mode
  • Portal Mode
  • Recon Mode
  • Hacker Mode
  • Battle Mode
The All-Purpose Drones or APD

Biography Edit



Cerebel's name comes from "cerebellum", a region of the brain in vertebrates that plays an important role in motor control.


  • "He who moves always wins first."
  • If you can’t win the game, if you can’t solve the puzzle, you’re nothing but a loser.” 
  • "There are…many types of monsters in this world: Monsters who will not show themselves and who cause trouble; monsters who abduct children; monsters who devour dreams; monsters who suck blood, and... monsters who always tell lies. Lying monsters are a real nuisance. They are much more cunning than other monsters. They pose as humans even though they have no understanding of the human heart. They eat even though they've never experienced hunger. They study even though they have no interest in academics. They seek friendship even though they do not know how to love. If I were to encounter such a monster, I would likely be eaten by it. Because in truth, I am that monster."
  • "I'm childish and I hate losing."
  • "We don't have time to plan, Yubel. Let's just figure it out when we get in there. It'll take a lot to kill us anyways."
  • "I'll live my own way."
  • "Imagine that you were going to kill someone. What do you think would be the most difficult part? Three, two, one… time's up! The correct answer: killing someone."


  • According to Cerebel, he is nowhere near close to being the oldest galvan.
  • Blue is Cerebel's favorite color.
  • Cerebel really enjoys smoothies.
  • According to Yubel, Cerebel is the most sane and kind member of Nightmare Troupe.
  • Cerebel has no shame in anything that he does, though, that is not to say he is incapable of feeling shame.
  • Despite being so versed in technology, inventing things is more of a pastime for him.