The Charmed Forever Forums is an online, role-playing and fan community, based upon the American Television Series, Charmed as well as the Charmed Reboot The day-to-day operations are run by the Council of Elders, or team of administrators.


Charmed Forever Forums
NameCharmed Forever Forums
Users91 users
Current boardAlice, Prue Halliwell, Faith, Excalurius and Hope
GovernmentNomination and Majority Vote
FoundedOctober 15, 1998
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Charmed Forever Forums strives to provide it's members with a family-oriented, role-playing, experience. Members are free to participate in all discussions, any upcoming contents or competitions, or to audition in the newest stories that are being designed by our role-playing leaders. Charmed Forever Forums encourages appropriate conduct through positive reinforcement, for a true, collective, role-playing experience.


Membership in Charmed Forever Forums is open and welcome to all online role-players, Charmed, and Misc. fans. Individuals that are interested in joining, may create a free account on our registration page.

Membership is completely free. There are no obligations to take part or contribute a set level of posts, articles, or other items. Once registration is received and confirmed, anyone is free to take part in all that Charmed Forever Forums has to offer.

All members of CFF are expected to follow the Oath of Order and the Code of Conduct. Those that violate these established rules, may face disciplinary action, depending upon the severity of the violation.


The Day to Day Operations of Charmed Forever Forums are handled by the Council of Elders, which are a team of dedicated administrators. The current Council of Elders consists of: Alice, Prue Halliwell, Faith, Wyatt and Hope, with Alice serving as the Chairperson of the Council. The Elders are assisted by the various staff of Whitelighters, who are hand selected by the Elders to assist with their operations. There is no application process.



Founding of CFFEdit

Charmed Forever Forums has a very long history, having been originally founded by Sara Thomas, Leo Wyatt and Emily McPhearson as Charmed Ones on EZBoards, on October 15, 1998, following the official airing of Episode 2, in the United States.

Migrations & The First MergeEdit

In January of 2000, with more members joining and the needs of the community expanding, it was decided that the community could no longer be supported by the "small" nature of EZBoards. Charmed Ones effectively moved and began utilizing the services with Proboards. In May, Charmed Ones entered a merge with CharmedP3 United and Charmed Ultimate RPG and reopened as Charmed Ones Online, using the phpBB message boards.

The Great WarEdit

From 2003-2005, conflict between the Charmed Communities broke out among the various online role-playing groups, based on the American Television Series, Charmed.

First Shots FiredEdit

Fighting began in December 2003, when many of the smaller communities began to bicker and argue among one another. While the larger and more established groups attempted to steer their communities away from the ensuing chaos, but ultimately, their attempts we're in vain. By February 2004, many of the smaller and less active communities had been completely destroyed, the war was sweeping through the communities, without an end in sight.

Attempts At PeaceEdit

One of the leading communities, Charmed Ones Online, attempted to see reason with some of the other community leaders, however, their attempts we're only met with continued violence. It seemed that even the attempts at negotiation and peace would serve no other purpose, other than to escalate matters, even further.

Additional CasualtiesEdit

By April 2004, the population of the Active Charmed Communities was cut in half, it seemed the war and the fighting would continue until there would be only one community left standing. Unfortunately, so many individuals we're dreading being part of any community, and even the communities that we're left intact, we're losing members of of all the fighting, violence and drama.

The Leadership SummitEdit

In August 2004, with the war continuing to wreak havoc with the existing communities, many feared that the war would continue until everyone was in utter-ruin. In a desire for peace, a peace initiative was proposed by Charmed Ones Online, which was spearheaded by Administrator; Leo Wyatt. This new initiative called for a Leadership Summit, where all known community leaders we're invited to discuss the problems at hand and negotiate a possible settlement in order to put an end to this destructive conflict, once and for all.

By 2004, with only Five Communities remaining intact and able to function, those leaders we're anxious to attend the so-called, "Leadership Summit" that was being hosted by Charmed Ones Online. In addition to those leaders, they we're joined by 15-20 other leaders and staff of communities that had already been destroyed by the conflict. In spite of Leo's intentions, the leaders that we're present couldn't hlep but feel that this "Summit" wouldn't actually solve anything, and some even felt that it was his way of lulling the others into a false sense of security in order to size them up, and plan the next offensive, which was clearly, not the case.

The Vanquish AccordsEdit

In March 2005, after months of arguing, negotiating, accusing, and threatening, a compromise was finally reached. While at the Summit, the treaty was signed by all parties, indicating a cessation of hostilities; the war was finally over.

Birth of Charmed Forever ForumsEdit

In the aftermath of the war, four of the five Charmed groups that we're present at the Summit, agreed to merge with Charmed Ones Online in 2005, effectively forming, Charmed Forever Forums. In addition, the forums we're moved to vBulletin, which we're provided by Jelsoft Enterprises, LtD, which later became vBulletin Solutions, Inc.

From 2006-2009Edit

Charmed: The LegacyEdit

Sometime during 2006, Seeking to make a change, Charmed Forever Forums changed its appearance and reopened under Charmed: The Legacy, for a new change, insight and idea's. However, this was viewed as a rash, ill-advised and ultimately looked down on by the majority of the Council of Elders. By the beginning of 2007, the forums had returned to its appearance and name as Charmed Forever Forums. Some of the older members, refer to this time in our history, as the Dark Times.

Longest Running CommunityEdit

In 2007, one of the longest running Charmed Communities, Charmed: The Prophecy shut its doors for good to pursue interests other than charmed, with their new Midnight-Shadows concept. This made Charmed Forever Forums the longest running Charmed Community.

Charmed: Before the DawnEdit

In June 2009, taking a strive to incorporate the all-popular movie and book series, Twilight in our great community was taken and we reopened as Charmed: Before the Dawn. This move was highly criticized by many of the membership, who believed that we should have sided with caution and patience, rather than haste.

From 2010-2013Edit

Communities MissingEdit

Sometime between 2010 and 2011, two long standing Charmed Communities disappeared from the internet, Charmed-Embrace and The Sisters Three. It is unclear as to what was the cause for their disappearance, however, we do know that they left charmed fans numbering in the thousands stranded, with nowhere to go.

In July, 2011; one of the last remaining message boards from the old days, and one of the signatory members of one of the first alliances in the Charmed Community, Charmed-Boards, had closed its doors for good.

The End of an EraEdit

Just after the incorporation of Twilight, Leo Wyatt resigned his position and stepped down from the Council of Elders, with Alice having been voted in as his replacement, as the new Chairperson of the Council.

Conflict RenewedEdit

In August, 2011; one of the former Elders, Roland, had returned and declared war upon Charmed: Before the Dawn. It is uncertain as to whether this signifies a resurgent threat similar to the last great conflict from 2003, or if this is merely the act of one person just trying to cause problems for the community. A compromise was reached with this troublemaker, which resulted in his departure from the community.

Charmed: The PropheciesEdit

In October, 2011; Charmed: Before the Dawn deactivated the forums. Seeking to reinvent ourselves, and recommit our focus to just Charmed, it was decided to remove all Twilight content from the community. After all the restructuring, our beloved community reopened as Charmed: The Prophecies, both for change, and to give respect and honor to Charmed: the Prophecy that shut down in 2007.

Charmed: Ascension to DarknessEdit

In March, 2013; It was decided to come up with some new ideas and give our community a face-lift and in so doing, a new name and domain was appropriate to go with it. That same month, Charmed: Ascension to Darkness was born, with a new twist on an old story.


A Focus RenewedEdit

Seeking to get back to our roots, in July 2018, Charmed: Ascension to Darkness was closed for a brief maintenance and re-purposing period, and reopened, once more, as Charmed Forever Forums and continues to this day.