The Charmed: Ascension to Darkness is an online role-playing and fan community based on the American television series Charmed It is run by it's Council of Elders, or team of administrators.


The group strives to provide its members with a family-oriented role-playing experience. Members are free to participate in all discussions, any upcoming contests or competitions, or audition in the newest stories that are being designs by our role-playing leaders. Charmed: Ascension to Darkness encourages appropriate conduct through positive reinforcement for a true collective role-playing experience.

Every year, Charmed: Ascension to Darkness organizes the Joint RPG Services Summit between the other leaders of the Charmed role-playing community to share idea's with each other, and engage in a Role Playing Exchange Program, so that each can experience how the different community function at a glance. This program has been very successful in the years that it has been in operation.


Membership in Charmed: Ascension to Darkness is welcome to all online role-players, Charmed, and Misc fans. Individuals interested in joining us, may create an account at our forums. All new accounts go through review within the first 60 days for activity.

Membership is completely free. There are no obligations to take part or contribute a set level of posts, articles, or other items. Once registration is received and confirmed, anyone is free to take part in all that Charmed: Ascension to Darkness has to offer.

All members of C:AtD are expected to follow the C:AtD Oath of Order and the Code of Conduct. Members whom violate these established rules may face disciplinary action depending upon the severity of the violation.


The day to day operations of Charmed: Ascension to Darkness are handled by its Council of Elders, or Team of Administrators. The current Council of Elders is comprised of: Alice, Prue Halliwell, Faith, Wyatt, and Hope, with Alice currently serving as the Chairperson of the Council. The Elders are assisted by the various staff of whitelighters or moderators. They are hand selected by the Elders and assist them in the day-to-day operations.


Charmed: Ascension to Darkness was originally founded by Sara Thomas, Emily McPhearson, and Leo Wyatt as Charmed Ones on EZBoards on October 15, 1998 after the official airing of Episode 2 in the United States.

In January of 2000, with more members joining, the needs of the community expanded and it was decided that the community could no longer be supported by the "small" nature of EZBoards. Charmed Ones moved and began utilizing the services with Proboards. In May of that same year, Charmed Ones entered into a merge with Charmed P3 United and Charmed Ultimate RPG and reopened on the phpBB message board as Charmed Ones Online.

Between 2003 and 2005, the Charmed communities fell victim to the Great Charmed War and Merge which nearly destroyed every established Charmed community on the internet. In the aftermath, 4 of the 5 Charmed groups merged into Charmed Ones Online in 2005, forming Charmed Forever Forums. At that time, it was decided that phpBB could no longer serve the ever growing community. Charmed Forever Forums thereby moved to the vBulletin professional message boards provided by Jelsoft Enterprises, LtD, which later became vBulletin Solutions.

Sometime during 2006, Seeking to make a change, Charmed Forever Forums changed its name and appearance to Charmed: The Legacy, both for a change and for new insight and ideas. However, this change was both rash, ill-advised and ultimately looked down on by the majority of the Council of Elders. By the beginning of 2007, the forums returned to its appearance and name of Charmed Forever Forums. Some of the older members refer to this time in our history as the Dark Times of our community.

In 2007, the longest running Charmed Community, Charmed: The Prophecy shut its doors for good, making Charmed Forever Forums the longest running Charmed Community!

In June, 2009; Taking a strive to incorporate the all-to popular movie and book series known as Twilight into our great community was taken, and Charmed Forever Forums was closed down and re-opened under a new domain as Charmed: Before the Dawn. This move was highly criticized by some of the members, who felt that we should sided with caution and patience, rather than haste. Around the same time, Leo Wyatt, Sandra, and Odin has stepped down from the Council of Elders, and Alice was voted in as his replacement as the new Chairperson of the Council.

Sometime between 2010 and 2011, two long standing Charmed Communities disappeared from the internet, Charmed-Embrace and The Sisters Three. It is unclear as to what was the cause for their disappearance, however, we do know that they left charmed fans numbering in the thousands stranded, with nowhere to go.

In July, 2011; one of the last remaining message boards from the old days, and one of the signatory members of one of the first alliances in the Charmed Community, Charmed-Boards had closed its doors for good.

In August, 2011; one of the former Elders, Roland, had returned and declared war upon Charmed: Before the Dawn. It is uncertain as to whether this signifies a resurgent threat similar to the last great conflict from 2003, or if this is merely the act of one person just trying to cause problems for the community. A compromise was reached with this troublemaker, which resulted in his departure from the community.

In October, 2011; Charmed: Before the Dawn deactivated the forums. Seeking to reinvent ourselves, and recommit our focus to just Charmed, it was decided to remove all Twilight content from the community. This decision only proved that the decision to add it was wrong in the first place, just like the debacle surrounding the "Dark Times." After all the restructuring, our beloved community reopened as Charmed: The Prophecies

And in March, 2013; It was decided to come up with some new ideas and give our community a face-lift and in so doing, a new name and domain was appropriate to go with it. That same month, Charmed: Ascension to Darkness was born, with a new twist on an old story, and continues running strong to this present day.

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