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Recent NewsEdit

Nightstalker is finalizing the list of characters and their ranking within the TCA Decepticon army.

Rogue Prime has decided to switch sides and become an Autobot.

Usernames and CharactersEdit

Here is a list of the TCA username and the list of characters they control in the RPG zone. Only active RPG players (those who have posted within the last three months) are listed here.

Black Zarak:
Primary: Lord Vulcan
Secondary: Deadly Silence ₴ Deadstop ₴ Firestorm ₴ Frostbit ₴ Koralkal ₴ Lightening Storm ₴ Tiberu

Secondary: Acid Storm ₴ Stormfront

Primary: Destroyah
Secondary: Crusherhorn ₴ Overcast ₴ Razah ₴ Shrikestorm ₴ Zenebas

Detective Barricade:
Secondary: Astrotrain

Primary: Stunshock
Secondary: Jack Barkman (deceased) ₴ Grinder (deceased) ₴ Outburn ₴ Pounder ₴ Ravage ₴ Dusk

Primary: Mirmorchaint
Secondaries: Halifax ₴ Ronin ₴ Shattered Glass Ravage

Primary: Nightstalker
Secondary: Slowbrowse

Rogue Prime
Secondary: Rogue Prime (defected to the Autobots), Flarestrike

The Sleeper
Primary: Warhawk

Primary: Starscream
Secondary: Novastorm

Primary: Blazecleaver

Primary: Devastis
Secondary: Behistun ₴ Quickfang

Rank and FileEdit

This is a list of the Decepticon characters and what their ranking within the WarZone is. Thanks goes to Nightstalker for putting this all together for the Decepticons. Those with an asterisks (*) belong to external groups not directly connected to the Decepticons but still follow the Decepticon groups chain of command.

Top Tier:

  • Commander: General Stunshock
  • 2IC: Colonel Quickfang
  • 3IC: Lieutenant Colonel Pounder


  • CMO Major Slowbrowse
  • Major Lightening Storm*
  • Lieutenant Koralkal*
  • Captian Mir
  • General Lord Vulcan*
  • Captain Destroyah*
  • Lieutenant Warhawk


  • Sergeant Blazecleaver
  • Sergeant Flamewar
  • Sergeant Halifax

Enlisted: All enlisted are given the rank of Trooper

  • Devatis
  • Nightstalker
  • Outburn
  • Astrotrain
  • Flarestrike


  • Ronin
  • Ravage

Those above are further put into classified groups depending on their skills

Command: All Top Tier Officers
Supply: Flamewar ₪ Warhawk
Medic: (CMO) Slowbrowse ₪ Desert Storm ₪ Lightening Storm*
Black Ops: Koralkal* ₪ Lightening Storm*
Science: Halifax ₪ Mir ₪ Ronin ₪ Pounder

All other not listed are classified as general Shock Troops.
The external groups are their own groups controlled by one player, and because we didn't want to split them up into the above groups. However Lord Vulcan and Destoroyah would report to the top tier of commanders and would work with the other officers. Lord Vulcan's Group:
Lt. Firestorm
Deadly Silence

Destroyah's Group:

Personal Log EntriesEdit

This is where mechs can put a short snippit of their character's reaction to an episode.

Anything else?Edit

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