Chronicles of the Fallen is the full name given to a Roleplay (RP) on Gaia Online called The Vampire/Human Wars. Unlike most RPs, The Vampire/Human Wars has several thousand pages of posts, ranging from all out war to romance. The cast is comprised of dozens of characters, all unique and diverse in their own way. There are several warring factions, all with their own Vendettas. However, they can be divided into two categories. Light and Dark. A breakdown of the factions are listed below, along with several locations in which the story takes place.


Only the main plot points will be covered here. For detailed information on a specific character's storyline, please select the character you wish to view by clicking on their Faction, and then selecting them from the character list.

Dark BeginningsEdit

"The only shows I'm interested in involve skimpy outfits and large metal poles." ~Doctor Travis Martin

A Vampiric uprising began in Mydraal City, causing various hunter groups to dispatch cells of slayers to the small coastal city. Along with these contracted warriors, several free agents found themselves thrust into the conflict. Among them were Alamie, and Doctor Travis Martin. Both of these slayers were rather young and inexperienced, and quickly found themselves somewhat overwhelmed by the situation. Alamie found guidance in the Caster known as Marcus, who took her as his student. Travis, on the other hand, met up with a Veteran Slayer known as Deacon Saint.

Shortly after their arrival in Mydraal City, Two different men began their rapid ascent to power amongst the ranks of the Undead and the Legions of Demons. Leon Callisto, an elder vampire who had a hand in the near genocide of the Casters, and Jinn Kitohara, a slayer who began a slow transformation into a demon.

It was during this time that Travis first encountered who would soon become his greatest rival, Leon Callisto. The two of them met when Leon and one of his fellow Vampires were attempting to consume a young girl. The Doctor, foolish in his youth, challenged the pair to a duel to decide the fate of the girl. He led off the attack by striking Leon with a bolt of lightning, which didn't seem to phase the Vampire. Before he could get off his next attack, however, the two vampires had severed the Doctor's arms at the shoulder.

All was not lost, however. The Doctor unleashed a technique that regrew both of his arms as pure Energy. Although the Spell took everything he had, he managed to fend them off (With a little help from the newly arrived Jinn.)

Although the girl was prevented from turning, the Doctor and his newfound allies of Deacon Saint and Jinn didn't rest. They continued to venture about the city, gathering information on the war, and attempting to prevent other vampires from feeding.

Marcus noted Travis's apparent adeptness at Magic, and attempted to take him as a student. At first, the Death Hunter refused the request, deeming the Caster untrustworthy due to his dark aura. However, after time, he conceded, and Travis accepted a few lessons from the Veteran Mage.

While the Doctor and his allies were establishing themselves in the city, Leon had taken to turning people to recruit in his army. Among these new vampires was Night, a recently turned nightstalker with a penchant for self-mutilation. She and the Doctor started out quite aggressively, nearly coming to blows the first time they had met. However, as time went on, Travis became attached to her, the two eventually falling for one another.

Leon on the other hand, did not approve of the relationship, going so far as to seduce Night just to make Travis angry. It worked, and although the two tried to reconcile their relationship, it ended bitterly. Travis devoted himself to his training, and Night pursued other romantic interests, such as Leon.

Demon RisingEdit

"Awww... Friends till the end I see." -Leon Callisto

The Second encounter between the forces of Light and Darkness occurred, this time with Leon valiantly attempting to stave off Travis, Marcus, and Jinn at the same time while his Vampiric Brethren fled towards the Northern Gate of the City to gather reinforcements. The Vampire outsmarted the trio, distracting them with a small series of explosions before rushing to meet the new reinforcements. With their help, he quickly defeated the three warriors, securing victory for the Nightbreeds.

It was during this time that Jinn began to slowly succumb to the evil lurking within his heart, betraying the Caster/Death Hunter alliance and joining sides with the Undead. The Doctor never forgave him for this, ordering his troops to kill the Slayer on sight, rather than to apprehend him for questioning. This was odd, due to the fact that he had ordered his troops to capture Leon, rather than to kill him. Jinn saw that in itself as a betrayal, and vowed never to aid the Doctor in battle again, even if they were fighting the same enemy.

Shortly after his victory over the forces of good, Leon was promoted to Vampire Lord by the elder council, compounding his already impressive power within the City. At this point, Leon had control over a rather sizable army of untrained soldiers, whom he quickly put through a sort of Undead Bootcamp.

During this time, Travis met up with an old friend, a shapeshifter by the name of Tigres. The two frequently spent time with one another, slugging back a few drinks at The Slayer's Delight, engaging in a few minor skirmishes with the undead, and just mulling about strategies at the Death Hunter's HQ with Simon.

The third battle took place in the absolute center of the City, where the Death Hunters waited in ambush to kill the Newly appointed Vampire Lord. While the Doctor was not present at this battle, he ordered the attack. However, it was the Vampires who once again came out victorious, having planned their own ambush of the Death Hunter Brigade. With Travis's entire army having been wiped out, the Doctor put himself in a self imposed exile, Tigres following him soon after.

Tides of SorrowEdit

There's over Nine-Thousand!..... Undead. -Doctor Simon James Romero

Several months later, Marcus found Travis training just outside the city, in a place that would soon be called "Doctor's Fields." The Caster noted a rather dark canopy of power tainting the Doctor's indomitable will, but cast aside his uneasiness. This was due to the fact that any power that could be used against the vampires was welcome to the cause, regardless of the price.

The Caster Army, although Vigilant, slowly began to give ground to the Undead, whose ranks were bolstered every time a person fell in battle. Although Travis had no Army of his own, he gladly lent his newfound strength to the cause, successfully pushing the Vampires back to the Northern Industrial Sector of the City in a series of campaigns that would garner him the rank of Mage-General, with his friend Simon James Romero rising to the rank of Lieutenant. Shortly after the Doctor's appointment however, Marcus began to question the new power that Travis had gained.

Jinn, who had been laying low since the destruction of the Death Hunters, revealed himself to the city once more. But this Jinn had cast aside his last vestiges of humanity, becoming a fully fledged demon. He met with the Doctor under the pretense of a possible alliance, but quickly attacked him, using his new, blinding speed to utterly overwhelm the Doctor's strength. It was at this point that everyone realized what had been giving Travis his power when he fully merged with the Demonic Soulstone in his possession.

The battle seemed to be going the Doctor's way, until Jinn revealed that he had been toying with him all along. With a single flurry of blows, he threw Travis off the top of a skyscraper, killing him instantly. Jinn began to walk away in victory, until a dark shape began rising from the corpse of the slain Death Hunter.

The shape became the form of a man, calling himself Zephyr. Jinn attempted to attack the man, but Zephyr deflected his blows harmlessly away, revealing that he was the demon who resided within the stone, and without Travis's body to weigh him down, he was more than a match for Jinn. Within mere minutes, Zephyr was standing over Jinn's battered body. In a surprising display of compassion, he allowed Jinn to escape. In a second act of compassion, he resurrected the Doctor by giving up his newly released body. His reasons for doing so were unknown at the time, the Demon simply muttering something about "Coming Tides of Sorrow."

Birth of The Soul TamerEdit

"Didn't I kill you? Twice?" -Marcus

Shortly after Travis's resurrection, he left Mydraal City once more, traveling the globe at the will of Zephyr, who was once again residing in the Doctor's Mind. His travels took him everywhere, from Egypt to what was once Ancient Sumeria. It was there that he found the crypt of a warrior that Zephyr held in great esteem. The Soul Tamer. Within the Cave, Travis found another soulstone, this one holding the spirit of Ryu Shandril. Ryu Shandril was the Soul Tamer of legend, the man who singlehandedly wiped out almost every demon on the planet. With his newfound item, Travis returned to Mydraal city, the voices of Ryu Shandril and Zephyr Cran whispering to him ways to become stronger.

Although they had no physical presence, they pushed the Doctor to his very limits, training for over sixteen hours at a time. Marcus, feeling that Travis was a threat to his power, also began training. The two would grow from friendly rivals to all out enemies, each one accusing the other of betrayal. It was around this time that Travis learned that he was a reincarnated Caster by the name of Fa Lee, and that Marcus had been his best friend as a child. He attempted to use this to stop the fighting between them, and although Marcus remembered and believed Travis, it didn't stop him from attempting to kill Travis by driving a spike through his heart during an embrace between the two of them.

Marcus had gone quite clearly insane, executing innocent people at random for things like "looking at him funny." He began an attack on the Death Hunters Headquarters, where Travis and Simon were attempting to formulate their next campaign against the undead. The First and only battle between the two would occur in the ruins of the Death Hunter's Headquarters. The two warrior-mages fought for hours, neither one giving way. Until Marcus transformed into his Elemental State. The Doctor was completely outclassed at that point, struggling to maintain his defense. All was not lost, however.

Travis had been fighting all out for the entire battle, going so far as to Merge with Ryu and Zephyr in order to put himself on an even Magical Playing Field with the Caster. In response to Marcus's transformation, he attempted to utilize his Blood Energy Technique against the Caster. In a moment of panic, it seemed as though the technique had failed.

But in truth, he had completely merged with Ryu and Zephyr, taking their pure strength and adding it to their own. Their souls had been released to the Ethereal Plane, effectively dispelling them from Doc's Plane of Existence. The Doctor, using this newfound speed and power, crushed Marcus, killing him with a fully Powered Abloss du Abloss.

Marcus's body had been almost completely destroyed, but his spirit persisted. When an untested Caster named Ryan arrived, Nibbles (Marcus's Pet Snake) bonded with the boy. It was also at that crucial moment that Marcus's disembodied spirit entered Ryan's mind.

The PurgeEdit

Mmm. Kentucky Fried Suckhead. -Ryan

Soon thereafter, Ryan became the student of the Doctor, the two training their minds and bodies to the utmost limit. Travis, feeling somewhat guilty over killing Marcus, who would have been the boy's teacher, took him under his wing and taught him the fundamentals of magic. He quickly learned that Marcus had sealed himself within Ryan's mind, but the Ex-Caster Lord seemed to have redeemed himself, blaming his seeming madness on Demonic Influence.

Several months after the battle with Marcus, a massive war broke out between the forces of good and evil. Hundreds of pawns were slaughtered, and many of the known characters died as well. Deacon Saint, the Veteran Slayer who helped Travis when he first arrived was one of the first to fall in the battle that would become known as The "Purging of the Weak."

Both sides lost a great many warriors in this conflict, and it was about this time that Travis went into yet another Exile, this time for almost eight months. When the Doctor came back, little had changed, save for the fact that Ryan had ascended to become the Leader of the Casters. Travis himself had not grown any stronger, instead having used the time to reflect on his life and the destruction he caused as a result of that life. It was during this time that Travis learned that he was the father of a little girl named Kalliandria, and that the mother was the Demon Heiress known as Serenity Sasaku. The Doctor had met her for a short time in High School, and after a brief, passionate relationship, she disappeared seemingly off the face of the planet. It was only now that she came to Mydraal City to seek out the Doctor and try to convince him to stop his crusade against the Brotherhood.

The Doctor would not be dissuaded, instead showing Serenity the destruction that her kind had caused in Montreal. After her eyes had been opened to the cruelty of her demonic brethren, she cast aside her loyalty to them, instead opting to fight against them.

The Doctor, although no longer in a relationship with Serenity, took to fatherhood quite quickly. He spent much of his free time away from the Death Hunters with his daughter, shopping, talking, and being silly (The Last of which the Doctor was surprisingly good at).

The Doctor was confident that his current strength, coupled with the added support of the Casters would be more than enough to face any threat. However, while he was having tea parties and playing with stuffed animals, Leon was slowly gathering and army and training himself to wield the destructive powers of Magic. It wasn't long until Leon found out about the Doctor's pseudo-family. To this point, Travis had erased his entire past, sending false notification to his family about his death. As was such, Leon could do little to harm his siblings or their children, but now that he knew about the Doctor's Daughter and Ex-Girlfriend, he could launch the offensive.

He found Ryan first, catching the Caster off guard by unleashing a bolt of lightning at him. The Caster answered the challenge by transforming to his elemental state. The two of them battled fiercely high above the city, but Leon was in control the entire time, slowly moving the battle towards the small home on the outskirts of the city that his spies had identified as Serenity's homestead.

Travis had actually been in the midst of dropping Kalliandria off at her mother's when Ryan's battered body slammed into the ground next to him. The Caster was beaten, but not broken, attempting to leap back into the fight before the Doctor caught his wrist. Travis plead with Ryan to take Serenity and Kalliandria back to the Caster's Headquarters to protect them while he dealt with Leon. The Caster reluctantly agreed, teleporting away with Kalliandria in his arms and Serenity at his side.


No. Fucking. Way.-Leon Callisto