Communique Online (originally known as CommLink) was an intersimming newslettter from late 1993 to the early parts of the 2000s.


The CommLink was originally founded as Spacefleet Online's newsletter by Tigra Tigress in the October 1993 as a source of information to let the many players of Spacefleet Online know what is happening fleet wide as well as to have fun. It grew to eventually include 23 different clubs as subscribers, with an estimated circulation of over 500 readers. Its name was changed to Communique Online in the May 1995 after a threatened lawsuit by Spacefleet Online when Tigra Tigress continued publishing it after leaving the fleet. The Communique was renamed again shortly after Tigress retired in the late 1997, becoming known as the Captain's Chair, then under the leadership of Amy Linderman.

Communique Online was revived in the early 2000s, once again as CommLink. As it previously did, CommLink served as news source for multiple clubs, and was awarded the 2003 Simming Prize.

Featured ContentEdit

While in it's various forms some content varied, there were several things that were universal in all forms, they were as followed:

  • Simulation Updates
  • Trivia
  • Star Trek book review
  • Interviews with players from players
  • Editor's Thoughts
  • Recruiting Classifieds

Editor in ChiefEdit