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Characters from Various groups that stalk otherworldly creatures are called Slayers. Some are free agents, but most of the Slayers belong to some sort of group, and were assigned to Mydraal City to investigate the recent uprise of Demonic and Vampiric Entities. Below is a detailed list of most Slayers, including Demons and Vampires who hunt their own kind, and a quick Bio on each of them.


Name: Descadant

Age: 12,468

Race: Human

Height: 6'9

Eyes: White

Hair: White

Weight: 340 pounds

Weapons of choice: Hand to Hand Combat

Powers (if any): Chi Manipulation

Weaknesses: Alex

Personality: Arrogant, cold, and uncaring.

History: Alex's Teacher and Creator of many of the world's martial arts, Descadant was born in what became known as Greece over 12,000 years ago, he quickly became one of the top Generals in Athens, before retiring and traveling the world. Over time, he wished for a way to combat age and sickness, and began studying the internal workings of the human body. Working together with Taoist Priests, he learned about how Chi could be used to re-enervate old cells. Shortly there-after, he began working for an organization known as the Black Cross, a society created to police the world's superhuman creatures. After 4000 years, he left the organization after being defeated by the Doctor Travis Martin of this world. He now trains the young son of the Doctor, in order to repay his debt to the now-deceased Soul Tamer.


Name: Glacian

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Height: 5"10

Eyes: Silver

Hair: Platinum Blonde

Weight: 162

Weapon: Cybernetic Arm, Doomslinger Handgun, and a worn Battle Axe

Powers: None

History: Glacian was the leader of an "Evil" Extermination squad, when his squad was sent to destroy a horde of Vampires that had taken up residence in a neighboring village - they were ambushed, their employer was a Vampire and Glacian was the only one to escape alive and he now lives a life of day-to-day drifting and living as a mercenary, full of guilt over his fallen comrades. He still only answers to Captain Glacian. It was in this manner he ended up here in this city of dark ambition.


Name: Griffin

Age: 21

Race: Human

Height: 6'1"

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blonde

Weight: 200

Weapons of choice: Lethanelis (Crystal Gladius), Twin Desert Eagles inscribed with Griffins. A small, silver knife engraved with a Griffin battling a snake.

Powers (if any): None

Weaknesses: Mortality

Personality: Level headed with a strict sense of justice. A bit of a loner.

History: Griffin's family was killed, when their house was the scene for a fight between the other races. It had happened when he was sixteen. When he saw them it looked like they were tortured, and killed for the fun of it. He has been on a warpath ever since. He wanted them to feel the pain he felt at losing his family.


Name: Hope

Age: 21

Race: Half Human, Part witch and demon

Height: 5'4

Eyes: Red

Hair: Black

Weight: 110

Weapons of choice: Pitchfork, Claws, Knives

Powers: Psycholocation, teleportation, flight, Magic (Specializing in Fire and Earth)

Weaknesses: Bright light, high pitched noises, Magic (Wind and Water)

Personality: Shy, impatient, and caring.

History: Was raised by her grandfather, he died when she was 16. She left their home and cam to this city, finding her parents and her family but keeping her self hidden from them. Her grandfather had told her they abandon her but she knows that he took her from her mother, making her think she had one child instead of two. Takes most jobs for hunting demons, vampires and mostly any creatures that she also thinks are a danger mainly to her self.


Name: Minxies

Age: looks to be 22

Race: Demon

Height: 5'9"

Eyes: Black

Hair: Black

Weight: 120 lbs

Weapons of choice: Two Sais, a Parang, and a few handguns.

Pets: A shapeshifting demon named Lunar Eclipse. Usually in the form of a Raven.

Powers (if any): Regeneration, Advanced Magical Ability, Adept at Illusions,

Weaknesses: Bright Lights, Loud sounds, High Pitched Noises (Such as a dog whistle)

Personality: Untrusting, Paranoid, Wise, Devoted, Short-Tempered.

History: When she was younger she took in a young girl by the name of Pasch-Chime and raised her up a little in the ways of a Demon's life.Teaching the child most things Minx knew at the time. At the moment, the old Demoness is in hiding. When the city took figureheads; she knew that many people would nominate her to be the leader of Demons. Knowing fully well that her kind would try to kill her more then what they already were trying to do now, She hid herself from the world, Helping spread various rumors about her.


Name: Mireille

Age: Looks 16

Race: Kresnik

Height: 5 feet 4 inch

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blonde

Weight: 140 pounds ( muscle )

Weapons of choice: Anything sharp, she can use guns very well, usually carries small needles, and a knife.

Powers (if any): Blood Manipulation, Magic (specializing in healing), Superhuman Speed and Grace.

Weaknesses: Fear of Water, Bad Eyesight, Decreased Endurance.

Personality: Kind, loving, tough.

History: Her family died trying to protect her when she was about 12 when she started turning. She can't remember who killed them, or how she survived. Mireille blacked out, and awoke to find them missing, and alot of blood on the floor. Ever since, she has gone from place to place, finding ways to survive and discover exactly what she can do.


Name: Pasch-Chime

Age: Looks to be about 19 years old. Really is about 700 to 800

Race: Half Demon

Height: 5'8"

Hair: Golden Blonde

Eyes: Brown, blue.

Weight: 130 lbs

Weapons of choice: Throwing Knives, Poisonous Fangs.

Powers (if any): Magic (Specializing in Elemental Bending and Healing), Limited Immortality

Weaknesses: Decreased Magical Endurance.

Personality: Short Temper, Cheeky, Childish, Witty.

History: Born during the Renaissance period, she grew up as a Gypsy. Much of her youth was spent how to steal and pickpocket, but she also learned a few ancient shamanic traditions from her teacher, such as the use of ritualistic magic. When she was still very young, a demon attempted to corrupt her soul. After narrowly escaping, she fled to her teacher and begged for a cure to the taint that was spreading through her body. Her teacher attempted a purging spell and failed, the purging effect clashing with the demonic presence within her. It created a sort of regenerating cycle, constantly healing and purging the body. Thus, Pasch was cursed with immortality.


Name: Razgriz


Race: human

Height: 6’7

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Weapons of Choice: RPL sub machine gun, AT-14 Pistol, Flash grenades, Smoke grenades, Frag grenades, Knife, Crossbow, 10mm HV penetrator (Rail Gun), ER micro laser, Rocket launcher, Plasma Rifle, and Remote Bombs.

Powers: Soul Reaver, Advanced reflexes, X2-X32 Soul Reaving, Soul sensing.

Weaknesses: Must consume dead souls, Electrical Attacks, Slow Moving, Can't Swim.

Personality: calm and carefree.

History: A genetics experiment, Razgriz was genetically modified to be the perfect soldier. He was cared for in the lab until he was three years of age before moving him to a military training facility. At the age of five, he met the other four soldiers who were made from the same experiment. However, at the age of seven, the Fifth-Born deserted the army, disappearing into what seemed to be thin air. For three years, Razgriz and his three remaining brothers led many successful campaigns, until Operation Flaming Wall. It was during this time that the Fifth-Born contacted Raz, uttering the ominous phrase: “You are a tool, everything you have done in your life is not of your own will. You follow the will of others. I will release you.” Razgriz and his brothers found and engaged the Fifth-Born. They managed to subdue him, but not before he murdered the Fourth-Born and Second-Born. Razgriz dealt the killing blow, plunging his knife into the brain of the Fifth. As the Fifth's soul faded from this plane of existence, his voice echoed in Raz's mind. “ I am free… Your true abilities are hidden deep inside of you, and only time will reveal them. You were the perfection that they sought to create.” Unbeknownst to Razgriz, the Fifth had bestowed upon him the unique abilities of the Soul Reaver. Before he was gone completely, Razgriz remembered the Fifth saying “You will bear my mark… My curse… It will power you. Make you like a god. If…” Shortly thereafter, Razgriz left the Army and traveled to Mydraal City to find his Destiny there.


Name: Reikin

Age: Looks 65

Race: Human

Height: 6' 7"

Eyes: Grey

Hair: Bald

Weight: 300 pounds

Weapons of Choice: A large array of explosives. Black Shadow Rod (A five foot long mace.)

Powers: Blessed by the Creator, can invoke courage and might into his men, by the power of his words through the way of encouragement, any other way would severely take its toll upon himself.

Weaknesses: Cannot stand seeing people in distress, watching innocence die, he MUST protect the weak, it is his oath.

Personality: Humble, Quiet, Peaceful, Inspiring.

History: Was a commanding officer under Marc's father in the Trion Titans, he took over soon after Marc's father's disappearance. What is left of the Trion Titans is now a few batallions of battle hungering warriors. He watches over Marc, closely keeping his promise he made to Ewan.

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