Name: Crusade.

Primary Function: Roughnecks Team Member; Weaponsmith and Scientist.

Gender: Male.

Alt mode 1: Purple BMW Z3 Roadster.

Alt mode 2: None.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral.

Weapons: He possesses two laser rifles. Each has a range of about 100 metres and 20 rounds, being able to shoot a clip of five shots, while the gun itself can carry four clips.

Profile: He is quietly modest and a rather broody mechanoid, rarely showing any emotion at all. He does not socialise with the others in the team and would prefer to be alone at all times to do his work, as he is always making some new kind of weapon to be used by team members.

History: Another individual straight out of the Deltronian Military Academy, he was assigned to the team to be their weaponsmith and minor scientist.

Abilities: Although he is a weaponsmith, he does not often use weapons and so his skill is not very good, nor is his accuracy. In his vehicle mode he is able to travel at 200 mph at maximum speed for a period of 5 minutes. His physical prowess is otherwise average.

Special Abilities: His body is able to generate waves of electro-magnetic energy. He is able to use in a manner of ways, firstly allowing him to magnetically stick to any surface, so long as it possesses metallic qualities, the other being that to a very slight degree he is able to lift/move small weighted metallic items, although the complete strength of this ability is yet to be fully tested.

Weaknesses: His ability to converse with or even work with any of the other team members can be a problem in combat. His ability to manipulate magnetic fields can be a problem if the program/technology controlling it within his body plays up, causing metallic items to stick to his body shell.

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