Name: Lord Cyberax

Cyberax robot

Big mangled mess of mind bending death!

Sub Group: ???

Function: Psychic Overlord

Alt Mode: Cybertronic Jet.

‘The power of the mind will conquer all.’

Weapons: Robot mode hands can join to form a fusion cannon. Right hand can deploy a large mace. Z staff, can be used as a staff weapon or a psychic weapon. See Special Abilities. Psychic abilities. See Abilities.

Bio: Lord Cyberax and Lady Sytorrakx established the colony of Montauk many years ago. They developed an affection for the dark arts and started training themselves in their use, passing this knowledge onto their settlers. Keeping out of the war, they gradually increased their use in these abilities, gaining such powers as telepathy, psychic powers and partial telekinesis.

When Montauk came under fire during the war, Cyberax revealed these powers to the rest of the planet in order to safeguard his domain. He actively joined the Decepticons and began to aid in battles near Montauk, providing a base of operations for Megatron’s forces. Eventually tired of the slaughter of his people, Cyberax and Sytorrakx broke off and established themselves as their own force. After many more years of fighting, an Autobot campaign saw Montauk reduced to rubble. During this conflict, Sytorrakx went missing, presumed destroyed. Cyberax felt deeply about the loss of his co ruler, but continued on with his band of nomadic psychics for a couple of years until he received word that Sytorrakx was still alive, held captive off planet. With his forces severely depleted, Cyberax left Cybertron to find her. The few survivors joined the regular Decepticon army.

After searching for 50 years, Cyberax briefly returned to Cybertron, where he discovered he was now alone. With nothing left, he departed once more, intent on finding his lost love and rebuilding Montauk on a peaceful planet. He has not been heard from since.

Recently, Cyberax was found and accidentaly freed by Pounder from a stasis unit the Humans had set up in the basement of the Cheyenne Mountain complex in Colorado. After regaining his freedom, Cyberax blasted a hole in the mountain and escaped.

Cyberax alt mode

The perils of eating chilli before transforming

He was spotted a short time later on Cybertron. Dropping from the sky, he used his abilities to subdue Warhawk and Stunshock before ripping Corrode's Spark from Stunshock's body. Taking the Targetmaster suit built to house the Spark, Cyberax exclaimed "The prophacy can now be fullfilled!" before escaping.

He was seen once again in the Catacombs of Cybertron, outside the command centre for Iacon's central defense mainframe. Posing as a hooded monk, he distracted an Autobot team long enough to unleash Nemesis Prime upon them. While the Autobots were occupied, Cyberax quoted the Covenant of Primus (specifically the line starting "I am Alpha and Omega") in regards to his boss, but left out any references to names. He sealed himself inside the command centre and destroyed the computer terminals, delaying the Autobots reactivating the Iacon Defence Grid. By the time the Autobots were able to defeat Nemesis and gain entry to the Command Centre, Cyberax was gone, though he left a parting message: 'Chaos is coming'. What exactly this means, who he is working for and what they are planning remains to be seen.

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