The Cypher Church is an organization devoted to study and acknowledge creatures or objects that hold supernatural powers.



The story of Cypher Church begins back into the days of ancient Rome, on the age where the legendary twins Romulus and Remus founded the once most powerful empire ever. The twins once discovered the ancient architectures from the exiled ones and the power of Gem'el. There, civilization prospered and Rome once became the largest empire on earth at its time.

During that time, a religious leader caused agitation as he was devoted to the cause of a single entity being the ruler of the universe. At first, this leader was condemned to death, but he was exposed to the Gem'el stones' radiation, causing all of his body to be miraculously healed. As people witnessed that as a miracle, his role was spreading.

Centuries later, the words from the savior inspired people to create a religious order, "Ecclesia Cyphra".

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