Cysan, The Second of White, The Inheritor.



The BasicsEdit

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  • Hair: Feathery white, very soft to the touch.
  • Eyes: Light blue, occasionally appears golden.
  • Build: Subtle muscular, not to the point he looks like a body builder but instead an obvious buff that is not meant to be extremely threatening. he can, however, deal some brute force.
  • Height: about 7 feet
  • Weight: at most only 175lbs

The Details / Identifying featuresEdit

  • He wears all white. DO NOT confuse with Avon, the First of White. (yes, his name is similiar to a cosmetic cream. >_>)


Clothes / ArmorEdit

  • All white nobleman's clothing. he wears a set of mithril-runite alloy underarmor, a light form of chainmail and platemail that does not encumber too much but offers adaquete protection. he has various satchels, all tied in such a way that it makes them VERY hard to steal, and the rope is made of a special wire that grinds a knife blade down. One might look on this and realize he could have thieving brothers. He has a spellbook in one satchel.


  • A double bladed staff on his back with various contraptions in it, an enchanted spellbook at his side, a sword at his belt, one of the swords from the Legendary item roleplay that is to be released later this month. an enchanted spellbook that none but his friends can read, to the rest it looks liked an ordinary journal. an enchanted gauntlet that unfolds to be a mithril shield.


  • The Abilities of the Keeper, another private rp, and is an Aether, and is capable of taking on his Aether form.



He is generally kind and helpful until you show reason to be a threat. He is determined when it comes to something he has his mind on. He gets along great with almost any race or religion.


  • Fine foods, drinks, being with friends and the ones he loves, talking about the latest sources of power and news. He loves to test someone's strength in a friendly duel.


  • People trying to convert his religion, people who attack his friends and people who attack him, especially with little cause.


Marital StatusEdit

happily married to an Icyene woman, possibly even an Aether, named Seana.


  • Seana (his wife), Michael (his son), Yaruno (his thieving brother), and unbeknownst to him, Dahonus, who is his father.

Skills and WeaknessesEdit

Physical StrengthsEdit

He is fast in his custom made armor, and has skill in many forms of magic and mental combat. He is a capable fighter when it comes to his bladed staff and sword/shield. His Aether form provides greater magical power, faster maneuverability and painful magical tendril whips on either wrist.

Skills and EducationEdit

He is a capable magician, He has the powers of Keeper, which is the ability to bring people back from death, and which the consequence is that he must watch after the souls until they pass on. He also has knowledge of Ancient magiks, Aether magic and more. He has a high education in many languages and was taught courtmanship, chivalry and piety at a young age, as well as the ways of a Warrior, Knight and Noble.


He will do anything to protect his family, including sacrifice his own life. He is mentally unstable after seeing nearly everyone he knew die in the Fall of Hallowvale, and it would be easy for someone to mess with him mentally, but could prove potentially fatal.



He was born into a priveleged family in the Knights of Ascertes, and grew up getting whatever he wanted. He had many friends. His brother, however, was not so fortunate, cast out as an outcast in society, hated. His brother was his most beloved family member, and as such, he had a unqiue take on the darker sides of people. As he grew up, he fell in love with a beatiful Icyene woman, adopted at birth by a noble family of Hallowvale. For years, he was trained in the ways of various sorts of combat. By all rights, he would've been the best leader in the fast approaching God Wars. But fate had another plan for him. It called him, and his fiance, to leave Hallowvale. For years they denied its embrace. Finally, the God Wars began, and his father urged him to leave. He was given a choice. He knew if he went to the God Wars, he would surely die. Or, he could shame his family and her's and run away, going into hiding. Not willing to deny the embrace, he and his newly wedded wife went into hiding. For years they hid, many many years.....


....Finally, while visiting a town for supplies, Cysan heard of the Fall of Hallowvale. He went back to find EVERYONE, his family, his friends, everyone he EVER knew, was gone. In dispair he ran back to his home only to find his house burned to the ground, and his wife slain. His sanity having been taken, he wandered the world of Gielnor for years. These are often known as the "Lost Years" of Cysan as no one, (including myself) knows what went on. Somewhere at the end of these years, he met an imprisoned mahjarrat by the name of Bharakaan. The Shadow Puppetmaster urged him to free him, unwilling to be trapped for all eternity. Finally, Cysan freed him reluctantly, making the mahjarrat a deal: Cysan would help him, and in return, the mahjarrat would teach him magiks powerful enough to fight off and kill any opponents that would surely come his way. Reluctantly, the mahjarrat began to teach him the Ancient Magiks. many years passed, and Cysan showed signs of being a quick learner. He showed a unique talent for Ice magic.

(the actual date after this is unknown.)

The end of these years was marked with Cysan meeting a man by the name of Dahonus. He was a huge brute of a man, standing taller than Cysan at 7'4". He asked Cysan to come with him and aid in recent troubles in the town of Relleka, in which a dangerous beast roamed the wilds. In their spare time and travels, Dahonus taught him techniques with a sword. Upon arrival, The Fremenniks were reluctant to allow Cysan in, as he was an outsider, But with Dahonus' coaxing, they reluctantly allowed him in. Given only two days of rest and recovery, Dahonus taught him what he could. The day came, and what ensued was one of the harriest fight that Cysan had ever been in. The beast simply did not die. its flesh mended too fast for anything to harm it. In desperation, and seeing no other alternative, Cysan channeled a lost piece of magic that nearly killed him. Calling the power of lightning from the sky, he struck the beast with it. The beast fell dead, its heart having been stopped in an instant. He spent years with the Fremennik thereafter, acting as an emissary for the Lunar Mage's and them. The lunars started to teach him magic during this time.

He left the Fremennik and Dahonus many years later, seeking further insight. After a year or so of travelling, he met a messengerwoman, Arianaweth, cornered by bandits. Cysan fought them off bravely with the help of the woman, they being outmatched 2-6. They were successful, but weary from their fight. Cysan, being reluctant to let the woman go out on her own, ask if she needed assistance. After much persistence, she reluctantly agreed. It was but a few days later that he found that she was actually an elf. Knowing she was caught, she reluctantly explained her ordeal. It was only with a slight bit more persistence that Cysan was able to seal the deal for his escape to Lletya, having nowhere else to go.

The elves quickly became fond of him. He often took part in dancing with Arianaweth and some of the others. These times were among the happiest in his dull, dark life. He told stories to the children often, and sat with the others, talking of Hallowvale and its beauty. They taught him many things about their culture, including their language, of which he became proficient at. But as Arianaweth became more and more fond of him, so too did he want to leave more and more. Not being able to resist his cursed call, he followed it, leaving under the cover of night.

The years after this are lost as well, other than being known that he started working on his Manor, and practiced different styles of magic. It may also be of note that he visited the Wizards Tower during this time on an occasion. it should also be of note that he took to raising Chance McCloud during this time as his foster son. He also joined the temple knights for a brief period of years around this time, and advanced quickly in their ranks before finding it not to his liking.

More years passed, and finally, Cysan took a boat north, sailing into the icy northern waters. It was there he found what he called "The Great North", or by fremennik tongue, Archron. He travelled deep into the depths of the frozen lands, the bitter cold cutting through even the most skilled of mages. When he returned, he was known as "Keeper".

After this, he started to rebuild the Alliance, and from there, the start of the story begins.

Current statusEdit

He is currently getting used to his new Aether form, and has found significant freetime to practice.

He is proud of his son's growth and development, and can see in his eyes the future of his bloodline. He is duty bound to fufill his destiny, which is slowly becoming clear to him. A new threat emerges, an ancient, old and powerful threat. A bane of his past plane. He knows he must defeat the world eater Vulcan, but he does not know how or even if he could truly defeat him.

He views it as the fatalistic battle between man and Gods. The Gods, he sees, always win, but the man, in the end, succumbs to their will and dies a miserable death. However, the feeling that has brought him here still drives him. He is driven mad by the silent nudge, but knows it is something MUCH greater than himself. What he has no recollection of, however, is the being that sleeps within him... "The Start." or "The Beginning". It in itself is what Vulcan has truly sought after all this time. He has been driven mad by his lust for it. The Start will continue to drive him until he has accomplished his mission, where fate will finally run its course.

but is death really the cold, hard, end for him?

His thoughts are constantly of his son and his beautiful wife, Seana.

OOC InformationEdit

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