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"I'll burn the world for you.."
Nameダークナイト 黒
RomanizedDākunaito Kuro
Physical appearance
Height6'0" ft
Weight154 lbs
Skin toneFair
HairDark Brown (Looks Black)
EyesBlood Red
OtherOni (kanji) tattoo just below his neck, on his spine.
Cause of death
MotherDākunaito Hana
Other family
Alliance(s)Dukedom of Ire
Friend ofLaemya
Enemy of
Mental state
PersonalityPassive; Brave
AlignmentTrue Neutral
LikesPocky, Caring People, Sleeping
DislikesBirds, Alcohol
Professional life
Employed by
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Out of character
CreatedMarch, 2014
RP title
RP genreFantasy
RP typeT1 (Paragraph)
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A son of both man and demon, Kuro is powerful indeed. His father is known by many names, one of which being Raijin that allowed Kuro to gain the moniker Apollyon, after his father.


Kuro is a tall man with a slender frame and a somewhat muscular build. He has well-defined arms and an upper body sculpted by the Gods. Ruby orbs glow in the moonlight, making him appear almost heavenly in a sense. Just below his neck and positioned perfectly on his spine is the Kanji for Oni. This'd attest to his likelihood of being a Hanyo. With clothes on, Kuro appears feminine because of his long hair, however, his unusually perfect facial structure counters the theory. In his early days, his peers would tease him for having such a feminine visage.


  • Protective: Kuro, despite being half-demon, is very protective of the innocent and will do everything in his power to keep them safe.
  • Shy: Due to his fearful and timid nature, Kuro is very shy around other people. He will remain quiet until spoken to and, even then, will be uneasy.
  • Kind: He is, in fact, a demon. However, he is a half-demon which allows his demonic nature to remain dormant in him until is is provoked or threatened. Kuro is immensely generous and kind as well as humble, characteristics given to the perfect human being. However, in a world of sadistic and evil demons, he is frowned upon and seen as weak thus making him have little to no allies in this world.
  • Fearful: He possesses many fears, the main and most evident being philophobia, or the fear of falling in love. This is mostly due to the fact that he is a Hanyo and with this blessing comes many enemies. One of those enemies is Immortality, meaning that once his lover would die, he would still live.. forever grieving. The second most evident phobia that Kuro has is his fear of birds. He believes they are unnatural and should not exist freely in the world.

Weapons (Main) & AbilitiesEdit


  • Design

Passed down from his father, being the only thing left of him besides his DNA, Kuro treasures the ninjato and forever fights with the dream of one day meeting his father. On corresponding sides, near the end of the handle, there is a three-fold white tomoe that seems to create a triskelion in the negative space. It is a straight, single-edged blade famed for its ability to summon the powers of Raijin. The mithril blade stretches about twenty six inches in length while the orihalcon handle is about ten inches in length, making the sword roughly thirty six inches in length. The handle, though black, is wrapped in blue silk that compliments the high gloss polished azure sheath. The tsuba, seemingly mithril at its base, is decorated with orihalcon dragon imagery and golden accents. In his Complete form, the sword loses its electricity manipulation abilities completely though it does gain the ability to become tangible and intangible at will.

  • Electricity Manipulation

All that has to be done for this to happen is that Kuro must have his hand on the hilt, which then allows him to freely create and manipulate lightning and/or summon thunder from the heavens. With time, Kuro is also able to create thunderstorms which only strengthen his thunderous abilities tremendously. Upon being withdrawn, a streak of lightning is beamed in whatever direction the ninjato blade flings. Thunder and lightning are not the extent of the blade, however. Kuro is also able to cause ionization, negate electrical fields, improve movement and perception by sending the electrical impulses to selective limbs and his brain much more swiftly and travel through electricity by summoning thunder to transport his molecules from one point to another.

  • Raijū
The second ability of the blade, once unsheathed, is the power to summon Raijū, the thunder god, Raijin's companion. This is activated once Kuro etches the symbol of Raijū (雷獣) into a wall or tree, though Raijū would be most powerful if summoned by a tree. Once summoned, a single bolt of lightning strikes the ground next to Kuro, crashing directly through the ceiling if indoors. After this great entrance, Raijū appears.
Raiju (Wolf)
Initially, Raijū takes the shape of a wolf made completely of electricity though he can take the form of anything Kuro wishes as he is bound to the blade and its master. Raijū has many abilities, all related to both fire and lightning. The thunderous beast is able to materialize and dematerialize at will, making it extremely dangerous to touch. The only evident way to defeat the Raiju is for the foe to either counter the seal with their own, effectively drawing the Kanji of Hachiman (八幡神), the god of war. Once drawn on any nearby surface, Raiju will dispel and the seal drawn by Kuro will become temporarily futile. The lightning demon comes with many abilities, the most infamous being that of electricity manipulation. The power of its electricity starts at three megawatts. Obviously, the Raiju's electricity is incapable of harming Kuro. The Raiju's electricity and fire is usually used as a blast it emits from its thunderous maw though it appears that it can be utilized omni-directionally.

Hanyo PhysiologyEdit

  • Superhuman Conditions

The abilities of a Hanyo are fairly limited, despite being a son of the thunder god, Raijin. His superhuman physiology is only a single ability though it can be broken down to many. Raijin's blood gives him above average strength as he has been able to punch through steel with little to no effort, uproot trees, and easily break through walls and fortress gates. He could easily lift things larger than himself. Kuro's natural speed allows him to run with the wind and reach speeds of fifty seven miles per hour with little to no effort. His natural speed is almost never shown, however. This is because he uses Raiden to send the electrical impulses to selective body parts much faster, making him easily able to reach speeds seven times that of his natural speed. His immense strength is not limited to a single part of his body as he has been able to leap great distances and slow his falls in mid-air, making it seem as if he is capable of flight. Kuro's physiological makeup also causes his thick skin to serve as an innate armor. He can withstand falls from a few stories, otherwise fatal blunt trauma and not be pierced by things capable of shattering tree trunks apparently. His senses also surpass that of your typical human, all at peak condition. He has a great sense of smell and taste, able to locate targets from miles away by scent alone although this also makes him very vulnerable. He has learned to control each of his senses accordingly. Kuro has the sixth sense, which is seeing auras though this is innate. This also allows him to see invisible spirits as well as determine a person's heart or race. He is able to hear when people are whispering from great distances, with his limit being that of 150 kHz. 

  • Regeneration

When injured, Kuro heals far more rapidly than the typical human. This healing is not constant, however and thus must be triggered by injury. Combined with his superhuman stamina, Kuro can recover from critical, non-dismembering injuries that'd be otherwise fatal with no trace of a scar in a matter of hours. Kuro has stopped aging since he turned 19, although he is technically over 200 years old. To some, they would refer to it as Immortality but that is simply not the case. Because of his godly heritage, Kuro ages much more slowly than your average human thus making him seem immortal.

  • Electricity Absorption

Kuro is able to absorb all forms of electricity, though this is involuntary. He is typically given some sort of magical charm that allows him to control this ability. The electricity that Kuro absorbs will always be used to accelerate his regeneration even more or increase his physical stats tremendously. Absorbing all electricity also makes Kuro immune to to electricity. Kuro is unable to project the electricity from himself once absorbed unless Raiden is in his hand. Kuro must wear rubber gloves when touching people to prevent the electricity that keeps their body functioning from being absorbed by him. It is both a curse and a blessing.



As a Hanyo, Kuro is also able to trigger his half-Oni, Awakened form. This can be achieved through simple will and want, transforming him into a powerful humanoid demon. Not many physical changes happen in this transformation, but all statistics rise dramatically: strength, speed, durability and even all of his senses and reaction times. He sort of becomes an empowered version of himself. One of the limited abilities he has is that he is able to manifest a mask similar to a Japanese Hannya mask to hide his visage. In any case, it'd seem as if some red smoke would be drifting from his eyes at a constant rate. It acts like smoke as well, dissipating at a constant rate as well. He also gains the ability of flight which is achieved by lifting himself through telekinesis, another ability gained upon this transformation. Such an ability does come with its limits, however.
Kuro (Awakened)
Kuro is only able to maintain this form for a total of thirty minutes, afterwards he becomes extremely tired and unable to fight. Although, if this transformation is completed during the night or when the sun is absent, after Awakening his Oni self, instead of being unable to fight, he will transform into his Complete form. Once achieved, this transformation also allows Kuro to use energy blasts generated with a simple thought. These energy blasts do appear to have some mass as it is apparently possible to deflect them, thought the deflector must have some sort of knowledge on their nature. Depending on their usage, these discharges can be destructive and even cause cataclysmic damage depending on how much time and effort is put into the blasts. Kuro usually uses the energy blasts as bullets or lasers he generates from his fingers or in a technique he refers to as Don't Get Cocky, Boy which shoots an energy wave from him, theoretically omni-directionally. It can also be noted that not all of Kuro's energy blasts are visible or destructive as he has used invisible energy blasts to both pierce a man's heart as well as captured a man. With more focus, they are also able to be suspended in the air for later use. The final and most significant of his abilities is his great speed which allows him to move so fast it seems as if he teleports while also leaving an after image to fool his opponent. Using the seemingly instantaneous speed does have its costs as well, speeding up the limit of the transformation by five minutes with each use.


This form is the most deadly and almost invincible of them all. Kuro's true nature as a demon emerges and he develops a god complex, which compliments his newfound soldier complex in this state as well. He grasps one duty and will allow nothing to stop him. Emotions that include any type of affection or care are automatically unable to be utilized. However, those who know him know that they will not hurt him if they do not stand in his way. His mission is to eradicate his enemies and anyone who threatens the tranquil existence of mankind. In terms of appearance, it'd seem as if his face had been consumed by a devilish mask, similar to a Japanese Hannya mask . No matter the attire he previously wore, it is replaced with modified shinobi shozōku . He appears to be made of black smoke or shadows. In actuality, everything on him, from his garbs to the ninjato conjured to his side to his body to his mask, is all made from shadows. Behind the mask, he has piercing ruby eyes that seem to glow like the loose-jawed fish of the sea. Being made completely of said black smoke or shadows does not make Kuro invincible in this form, however.
Kuro (Complete Oni)
Sitting in the center of his throat is a firefly that glows red and this is where his being stems from. If this firefly were to be ripped from Kuro's being, he would be ultimately defeated and killed, dispersing through explosion of shadows. In this state, it has been noted that he gains a few new abilities. He becomes exceptionally stronger, faster and smarter even with no brain. His body becomes intangible by will, allowing him to phase through things so long as the firefly is able to. This allows all forms of physical attacks to phase through him, making him unstoppable in hand to hand combat. The presence of the firefly is hidden behind the shadows, its light being used as eyes. He is able to move through the shadows in this state, with exceptional speed and prowess, it seems as if he has teleported. The downfall of this state, however, is the fact that it can only be utilized at night for once the sun rises again, he returns to his humanoid form. The final and most deadly technique of this state is something Kuro refers to as the Gorgon's Gaze. Similar to Itachi's Tsukyomi , Kuro traps the target in an illusion completely under his control through eye contact. The target's physical body enters a vegetative state while the body in Kuro's realm becomes trapped inside of a Brazen bull. Kuro will ask them a single riddle and if they answer the riddle correctly, they will be free from the Gaze, unable to ever be put in it ever again. However, being inside of the trap can be fatal as whatever happens to the foe in the trap, happens to them in reality simply because their mind and body believe this is happening (i.e. the target is stabbed in the illusion, they are stabbed in reality). The riddle is as follows: What is only one color, yet comes in every size? It is trapped forever at the bottom yet easily flies? Present in the sun but in the rain, it hides? Doing no harm and taking no lives?


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