DFS Lavie is a game within Bravo Fleet's Task Force 99 and follows The New Universes Project plot. It is ran by Josh Hina and takes place via forum and chat. In the TNU story it is the third Role Play following a specific ship and its crew; it takes place in the year 4566 as part of the Galactic Federation and alternate version of the UFP from Star Trek. The Lavie is part of Starfleet's Delta Force Counter-Terrorist Organization in the Trinity Special Operations Division reporting directly to the President. The story follows Yuka Layton, a college student from the 21st century and her crew. Yuka ended up in the 46th century at the intervention of Jim Olend and was recently given command of the ship to become one of the youngest Captain's in the fleet. This game combines a series of physics concepts, fantasy elements and Trek related technologies and becomes an amalgamation of the fantasy, sci-fi and mecha genres as a result of this. More information about this game can be located on the TNU Project Wiki's article on it.

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