Alt mode 1: portable computer

Alt mode 2: Assault rifle

Bio: Dagor is an expert at hacking any device and gathering information from them. He can also control any non sentient electronic device with mobility through use of his AWCD circuitry. [Automatous wireless control device] Dagor was incarcerated in a prison complex after he hacked into and deleted all of the mechaporn on his superiors hard drive while trying to win a bet. After escaping by scanning and then posing as a weapon he avoided both autobots and decepticons before going into hiding. The destruction of tarn wrecked his hiding place and he was forced to escape.

Weapons/abilities: AWCD: Capable of controlling any non sentient device with mobility and making it do his bidding.

Laptop gun: While he does not carry any weapons himself he can transform into one that another mech can use.

Pariah combat drone: Pariah has no spark or higher brain functions, he is just a puppet drone with Dagor pulling his strings {utilizing his AWCD circuitry}. Commonly the Pariah drone is configured to transform into a military grade humvee with desert camo. Dagor can attach to the turret ring on the roof of the humvee in gun mode or he can ride inside in robot mode. In robot mode Pariah resembles Dagors savior the great Svaat, except that while he has optic lenses there are no optics behind them. Dagor has added superior armor plating all over the mechs body due to the lack of any non movement orientated circuitry. Dagor has altered the close combat weapons of Pariah to be more fitting with those a savior should have. Dagor can reconfigure Pariahs alternate mode if he feels the need to.

Weapons:- Pariahs primary weapon is Dagor in gun mode.

He is also armed with a deployable energon mace in his left forearm.

Vehicle mode:- Military Hummer

Robot mode:- Like Svaat, only with desert camo.

Weaknesses: Dagor is similar in size to a minicon and physically weak.

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