Daiatlas zone

Dai Atlas Transformers Zone DVD cover

Name: Dai Atlas

Faction: Autobots

Sub Group: Powered Master

Size Class: 65’

Primary function: Zone Commander, Specializes in Tactics

Alt mode: Cybertronian ship

Alt mode 2: Cybertronian battle tank with drill

Alt mode 3: Micromaster Base

'Weapons: Dai Atlas carries a Magna Shot Laser Cannon, Reflector Shield, Z-Cutter.

Profile: Dai Atlas is Commander of the Autobot forces on the planet Zone. Dai Atlas, along with his fellow Powered Masters, created the technological planet Zone which eventually developed the super energy source, Energon Z. Dai Atlas and his team of Autobots keep their Headquarters on the planet Zone. Dai Atlas is also the keeper of the Zodiac (An all powerful energy source that is said to have created the whole universe and is the source of all life including the Autobot Matrix.) The Zodiac is hidden in a chamber deep beneath the planet Zone and guarded by the Powered Masters. Dai Atlas is a skilled swordsman, his prowess with a blade is considered almost equal to that of his predecessor Star Saber, he has sworn to defeat the forces of the Decepticons, and protect the lives and freedom of those who cannot protect themselves at all costs.

Abilities: Dai Atlas is a Powered Master who can combine with his partners. When combined with Sonic Bomber, they become Sky Powered. When combined with Road Fire, they become Land Powered. And finally, when combined with Sonic Bomber and Road Fire, the three form the massive Super Jet Big Powered. His large-sized defense base is invincible, made with the Zone Plan and use of Micro master Power. His magna shot cannon can detect any hidden enemies with radar and blast them with 80,000 degree heat wave. Formed from the combined wings on his back an enormous Z shaped boomerang known as the Z cutter has the ability to take down three enemies in one attack. His reflector shield absorbs enemy beams and returns them with four times the power.

Weaknesses: When Dai Atlas becomes Big Powered he expends allot of energy and cannot maintain that form for more than 30 minutes. When that time is up he and his partners must rejuvenate in the CR Chamber or face stasis lock and system failure.

Stats: Strength: 10 Intelligence: 10 Speed: 10 Endurance: 10 'Rank: 10 Courage: 10 Firepower: 10 Skill: 10

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