Dark Sari's robot mode.

Character Name
NameDark Sari
Species Human/Cybertronian Technorganic
Sex Female
Age Physically appears to be 16, actual age unknown.
Roleplay Information
Name The War Within
Genre Science Fiction
Type RPG


The Basics Edit

  • Hair: Neck length dark red, always done up in pigtails
  • Eyes: very light red 'whites', red irises. (reversed in robot mode)
  • Build: slender
  • Height: ~6'
  • Weight: Unknown

The Details / Identifying featuresEdit

  • Physically identical to Sari except for eye color and clothing color.


Clothes / ArmorEdit

Exactly the same as Sari, but dark and light grey instead of yellow and red instead of cyan.


  • Energy projectors x2 (convert from hands, usable in both modes)
  • Retractable hammer
  • Retractable arm energy blades x2


  • A scooter that converts into her jet pack (built with her sister, using her jet pack's schematics)
  • Various other things



Dark Sari is nearly as kindhearted and friendly as Sari.  She's also a little troubled at some of the blanks in her memory.


  • Her current group of friends.
  • Her family, namely her dad and her twin sister.
  • Freedom to do what she wants.
  • Chocolate shakes, especially from Burger Bot


  • Decepticons, namely the ones that try to harm her or Sari.
  • Being reminded of her past that she'd like to forget.
  • The thought of having to go back to the 'Shattered Glass' universe.


Marital StatusEdit

Single, but not looking.


  • Father: Professor Issac Sumdac (adoptive)
  • Sister: Sari (twin)

Abilities and WeaknessesEdit

Physical StrengthsEdit

She has Cybertronian level strength and durability. She is also much faster than a typical human. She doesn't appear to age, at least not nearly as quickly as a typical human, making identifying her true age nearly impossible.


Her technorganic nature provides resistance, and even immunity, to many ailments that would affect only TF’s or organics. She also has a pair of retractable jet skates for added speed and agility. (Stats reflect the skates active) Her arm blades can cut through most armor without much effort. She can use energy projectors that convert from her hands for either small, quick bursts, or a larger blast by holding on to a charge. She is able to perform rocket-assisted jumps, particularly effective in combination with her hammer. Due to serving for a time under Lord Angelic before becoming disillusioned with his mad scheme, she is very resistant to psychics reading her mind without her permission.   Now she also has a jet pack that works just like Sari's.


Her small size also means that she’s easier to hurt. If Sari's in trouble, then she'll drop nearly everything else to come to her aid.

History Edit

A former experiment of the Autobots from the Shattered Glass universe, and later serving under Lord Angelic in the promise of exacting her revenge on Optimus Prime, Dark Sari was once full of hatred. However, after an encounter and a couple of brief battles with Sari, who had been dragged there by unknown means, she began to see things differently. She had someone she could consider a friend for the first time in ages. She helped her eventually return to her own universe. Sometime later, the Cataclysm dragged her into this universe as well. She knew she never wanted to back to that universe again. She eventually found her now known twin sister, and seeks to do good with her abilities as well as sticking with Sari. Of course, a bit of fun with the other Autobots couldn’t hurt...