"I'm Bloody Fair Dinkum 'bout this Mate"

Name: Brad Keager aka DeadSight

Primary function: Tactical Front Line Breach

Alt mode: M3 "Jackhammer" Full Auto Shotgun

Weapons: Fits himself out with various Human weaponry pending on mission. Will most likely carry in subspace

Rifle - SIG552 or HKG36C Shotgun - Spas-14 Pistol - 2x FN Five Seven 2x Desert Eagle .357 SOCOM .45

Profile: Taking the law into his own hands during a Tactical drug raid, DeadSight discovered his partner as one of the key heads for that illegal operation. Being twisted into the scheme himself, he was then placed under formal enquiry whilst partner 'Tanner' walked free. Met his European wife Elektra during an investigation in America and adopted Elektra's daughter as his own. Joined Svaat as a Target Master when things began to get hot again during a time when he was supposed to be 'rubbed-out'. Was soon to be considered an enemy of the state and sought protection from his Transformer partner. Svaat kept him alive by issuing a statement to the world government saying if DeadSight or family memebers were to be captured or killed, there'd be "Hell to Pay"

DeadSight knows he is under constant watch from his conspirators and is afraid one day that he'll loose his adopted daughter and once requested Svaat undergo Humanised Transformation to protect her at school by posing as a teacher.

Though he may come across as an 'Aussie hard-ass' Keager very vocally expresses his sarcasm and sense of humour to either purposely offend or joke around. Considers himself a man of the ladies and once playfully made a hit on both Shadow and ShadowShock during their joint humanised mission - which didn't turn out the way he hoped.

Taught Svaat how to speak 'Australian' and is the reason behind Svaat deciding to change his vocal freqency to better suit the new language

Abilities: Apart from agrivating his enemy with sly comments and his usual "No worries Mate" attitude, DeadSight obtained a Target Master Exo-suit to allow him to form an external secondary weapon to Svaat - The M3 "Jackhammer" Full Auto Shotgun. His body is in the pirmary part above the trigger allowing the other pieces to bend and secure at will. During robot mode, certain pieces such as stock and ammo drum are subspaced giving DeadSight that extra needed speed required for moving quickly to avoid Transformer weapons fire. His Exo-Suit is completely bullet proof to human weaponry but excessive fire will eventually break through. Can link up to Svaat's gun inplacement on roof whilst driving and can use Svaat's C-SAW as well. Exo-Suit has being heavily modified to reduce recoil and protective armour allows Keager to be safe during Weapon discharge.

Weaknesses: Body will overheat whilst Transformed in weapons mode if rapid fire is maintained. He is vulnerable to Transformer weaponry and can be knocked around easily by blast zones and CQC. His sly comments can sometimes lead to certain receivers taking a personal vendetta against him, which he takes all in stride

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