Alt mode: Crimson and silver cybertronian seeker.

Faction: Decepticon

Function: Stealth recon.

Bio: Always looking at the worst possible outcome of any action Deadstop is not one to rouse the troops before or during a battle. Adept at stealth he does not enjoy combat, actively seeking to avoid it if possible, He does however like to blindside his foes and take them out silently rather than engaging them normally. He has a dislike of psychics, Autobots and Decepticons who can't fly. With his many stealth systems and near infinite patience Deadstop is an excellent Scout.


Energy cloaking systems: Deadstop can mask all of his energy emissions whenever he feels the need to do so.

Adaptive camoflage: Using a set of holoprojectors and advanced imaging systems Deadstop can appear to become invisible except that when he moves his outline blurs. {Similar to that possessed by a Predator}

Customized MK IX laser rifle: Equipped with optical light enhancing scope, flash suppressor, energy dampener, palm energy reader, tripod stabilizer, Light weight frame, carbon hardened barrel and Silencer. Deadstop has spent many vorns customizing his primary weapon to be the ultimate in single shot stealth weapons, being able to land a shot to within 0.2 micrometers at a range of four miles in complete darkness and usable only by him. Being able to fire only a single high powered shot before the weapon needs to manually reloaded. This takes four earth minutes and after five uses the barrel must be replaced due to it warping from the energy fired through it.

Energy blades: Deadstop is equipped with a pair of dual blades but he rarely uses them as they have been redesigned so they are shorter and sharper than normal blades on similar seekers. Deadstop uses them to stab his targets in the back when they are off guard. Against an alerted foe Deadstop uses the weapons defensively until he can find a way out of the situation.

Minicon Missilehawk: A small but loyal minicon who has been rescued from the clutches of the humans by deadstop. He can powerlink with Deadstop giving him a missile launcher. The minicon carries two plasma, two high explosive and two smoke missiles. Deadstop can utilize these missiles in either of his modes. Once all of his missile are fired it takes Missilehawk 5.8 breams to reload. The minicon can also transform into a small jet.

Weaknesses: Deadstop is very light armored. Also due to his attitude most other decepticons tend to avoid working with him if possible.

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