Deadly silence

Alt mode: Cybertronian seeker.

Bio: Deadly Silence is a robotrix assassin of legendary skill. Trained by the decepticon ninja master Sixstrike. She was the only graduate from her class of deception assassins. There was much discussion afterwards about how she was the one who engineered the 'accidents' of here fellow assassins. She was placed under the command of the decepticon powermonger Asaracos. He was found headless in his chambers one month after Deadly Silence was recruited. No one was ever found responsible. Constructed using cybertronain electron motivated fibre bundles, anti grav systems, multiple balance enhancing systems, agility boosters and snake mesh armor. She rarely speaks to anyone, even to the one who rebuilt her into what she is today. She feels a special kinship with the failed assassin aspirant Deadstop and will freely converse with him while no one else is listening.

Weapons/abilites: Minicon Katana: Transforms into a samuri sword. The blade formed by this minicon contains crystalline circuitry that when energized is capable of cutting any known material. This system is refered to as charged metal.

Electron shuriken/throwing stars: Range and silent weapons. Carries a small charge to disrupt targets key circuitry.

Seeker cannons: deadly Silence has modified her versions of these weapons to fire a lower energy blast that is tuned to a frequency that destabilizes a foes circuitry which results in each hit slowing down there reactions. Due to this frequency alteration results in a 98% drop in auidiable noise from the firing of the weapon.

Stealth systems: Deadly Silence emits no sound through walking or moving in robot mode. Only in vehicle mode does she make any movement noises. she is also invisible to 90% of sensor systems in either mode.

Agility modifications: Deadly silence can run up walls and on ceilings as well as being able to perform acrobatic feats that normal mechs should never be able to perform. This also translates into her vehicle mode where she can deploy an additional 4 wings which enhances her aerial agility further.

Weaknesses: Armour has been redesigned for agility hence it is thinner than would be normal for a seeker. The snake mesh armor [made like snake skin with overlapping hexagonal plates of metal] is effective against a close combat attack of strength 5 or lower and also low power projectile weapons and shrapnel. The armor is useless against most energy weapons above strength 3.

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