Age: 12,468
Race: Human
Height: 6'9
Eyes: White
Hair: White
Weight: 340 pounds
Weapons of choice: Hand to Hand Combat
Powers (if any): Chi Manipulation

The enigmatic Descadent (Anicetus Hesiod) was born in the warrior nation of Sparta over twelve thousand years prior to the beginning of the story. Growing up a Spartan warrior, he was not horribly educated in the higher arts. After the brutal execution of his father at the hands of the King, Descadent fled to Athens in order to seek his fortune as a hired sword. He joined the Athenian military, and quickly rose through the ranks due to his superior grasp of tactics and warfare. He became a General, with countless men willing to die at his word. As with all human creatures, after time, Descadent's strength began to fail. Fearing assassination from his enemies, or even worse, his allies, Descadent left Greece and spent his vast fortune travelling the world. He wound up in the Orient, attempting to learn the Taoist secrets of immortality. After many years, Anicetus Hesiod had unlocked his hidden potential, changing his name to Descadent in order to protect his secrets from his enemies.

During his travels, Descadent came into contact with an organization calling themselves The Black Cross. This shadowy group had took it upon themselves to police the world's powerful entities. From Demonic Princes, to powerful Human Mages. Descadent readily joined the militant group, wishing to feel the rush of battle once more. And this time, against amazingly powerful opponents rather than measly foreign soldiers.

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