Name: Desert Storm

Alt Mode: Cybertronian Fighter jet

Allegiance: Decepticon

Function: Raw energon manipulation(omnicon)

Weapons: 1)Energon staff formed from Living Dark Energon. the staff can segment into two wing mounted missils that fire 30 shots each befor recharge, a Fighter jet twin barrel cannon with a third longer sniper barrel with scope. The twin barrel cannons can fire 300 rounds a second with a charge stock of 3000rounds before needing recharge.

2) Random Energon created weapons. 3) 2x twin barrel cannons located on the front base of the wings(becomes feet in robot mode)

Allies: Supersonic, Calypso, Stunshock

Quote: "The full power of energon has yet to be realized, but I know its secrets..."

Bio: Desert Storm is an Omnicon under the Comand of Calypso. He specializes in Energon construction Of Weapons and armor. Desert Storm has followed blindly under his tirent leader for untold amount of years. His skills with energon are coveted by many as are his skills at crafting. Desert Storm has been used to futher the underground Smuggleing operation. Many types of Energon have been seen by his optics. This opperation has passed by many worlds from the great Cybertron to the Quintesson Empire. His favorite is a Dark tinted energon that even though it is slidified and shapped. It still seems to have a mind of its own. It constantly flows and will change its shap at will. After studying it for many years he unlocked it's secrets. After some convincing Desert Storm was allowed to test his new energon compound on a fellow follower. This follower's name was Subsonic. After a grulling time The Energon slidified and hardened onto it's new host. The Dark Energon began to take shape and a new Warrior was born. As A result of this proccess. The new Solder now had the dark energon running through his body. Everything about him was inhanced ten fold. He was stronger, faster, and more powerful then before. The transformer's thirst for battle and desire to be the best also grew. Desert Storm was pleased with his new creation. His warlord Calypso was also very pleased with the result. It was very disapointing that Desert Storm could not recreate another liked his first. till he tried and tried in order to please his master. He was never able to recreate another as powerful as Supersonic... Still his skills with other types of energon kept him alive long enough to continue his research... Now he has been summoned to earth for the porpouse of furthering Calypso's goals...

Strengths: Desert Storm is a medic and scientest in Calypso's army of Underground Transformers. His knowledge of Energon and it's properties is legendary among Seekers of its power. He is able to use a rare dark energon to fix any repair needed on the battle field. He can also construct any weapon out of any sorce or amount of energon. This proccess takes only a few earth seconds. Desert Storm can also use energon to combine weapons together. This makes the weapon stronger but requires some what more energy to use it.

Weaknesses: Desert Storm has no battle skill to speak of. If he were to come face to face with an Autobot he would use his vast intellect to get out of there as quickly as possible. As an Omnicon he is smaller then other Transformers.

Special Ability: Desert storm is able to convert any form of Energon into a solid or sub-solid substance. This is most commonly into a weapon for Calypso's soldiers. These weapons can range from a simple sword to an advanced blaster or cannon. Desert Storm can also converts Energon into armor plating or shields. He wealds a dark energon star on his chest. This is what he uses for his creations. He can also use these stars to create energon forcfealds or pulse waves from his body.

Dark Energon Side note(Found on a disk held by Desert Storm) : The Dark Energon is a simboisis(Spiderman's Venom/Carnage) in nature in that it must choose it's host. The host doesn't choose it. Supersonic has this energon in his systems and Nightstalker has a small sample in her systems from when Supersonic carried her to CR-tech. It is unclear if The unit Nightstalker has had any effects from exposure. The Dark Energon is a living Substance that bonds to a host and inhances the hosts skills. The host own armor gets coated with this substance and as it bonds it repairs any curent damage to the exterior and interior systems, including the spark of the host. The Spark of the host can be corrupted in this manner. The Dark energon will take control over the host's body and control their actions. Should this happen the host may show agetated areesivness tords others.

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