Name: Devastis

Allegiance: Decepticon

Primary function:Warrior

Alt mode: Twinblade Helicopter

Weapons: Gattling gun - belt fed 100,000 rounds(mounted under cockpit in alt mode, detatches for hand held use in robot mode) Missile pods - 2 pods holding 12 missiles each (wing mounted in altmode,

shoulder mounted in robot mode)

Abilities: Due to a malfunction during his creation. Devastis' has an electronic virus that affects his mental faculties, making him somewhat mentaly unhinged. The virus is deeply rooted in his psyche, and cannot be removed without terminating Devastis. He can transmit a weaker version to nearby cybertronians, giving them a small taste of insanity. As it is a weaker version however it only lasts from a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on the strength of will of the target. Doing this causes a considerable drain on his energy levels and so he only does so rarely.

Profile: Defective. That's what they'd called him. An error in his creation, he had not asked for it, but it was there. Defective. His mood was unstable, he was prone to paranoia & delusions of grandeur. Defective. They had cast him out, told him that the Autobots did not suffer those who were thrilled by viollence. Defective. He had learnt to take pride in it, revelling in every twist and turn, every up and down. Defective. The Decepticons were less picky, demanding only his loyalty. Defective. They had taken him in, given him a new body, a strong well armed body, a warriors body. Defective. He returned to his creators, he laughed as he delivered his revenge. Defective. It was not enough. He would destroy all of their kind in time, he swore it. Defective. The Autobots would learn the folly of allowing him to live, he would show them what a "defect" could do.

Weaknesses: At times Devastis' mood swings can drag him down, makeing him defeatist in attitude and uncooperative. He's also susceptible to paranoia. A suitably manipulative foe (or even friend) can use this to their advantage with the right choice of words.

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