Name : Die Hard

Ability : Has a cannon which can create a perfect distraction.

He also have a small energy shield ability which is good against small blasts but useless against rockets, cannons or physical attacks. He is a perfect medic although he hasn't got enough tech on him to be relied on in a heavy battle.

Powerlink abilities : Enables Warhammer to reach Prime (Super Form) in this state Warhammer's armor is harder and he is physically stronger but he lower Warhammer's weaponary to palm energy blast and rockets only. In this state all other abilities of Warhammer stays normal. In car mode he give Warhammer a relative boost and durability on a hill road fo example. In chopper mode it give him the ability to use boost up to 2 minutes.

Profile : Die Hard was created by the same spark as Warhammer, but when the war on Cybertron came he was lost in space. After years of searching he finally reunited with his friend. Supposely he is the only minicon who loves to fight by his friend's side and even alone he sometimes wished to battle rather than staying behind.

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