Name: Doppleganger

Primary function: Espionage/Infiltration

Alt mode: Lamborghini Murciélago

Alt mode 2: n/a

Weapons: Centigrade Flamethrower (uses 1/4 of Doppleganger's fuel per minute of use),Twin Shoulder Mounted Cannons ( 2 missles apiece)

Profile: Doppleganger is one of the best espionage agents the Decepticons ever brainwashed. Once an Autobot, Doppleganger was injured in battle and captured by Decepticons. He was taken to their headquarters where he was reprogrammed and outfitted with his signature ability to take on the appearance of others. Doppleganger can appear as anyone who has been scanned by a special sensor in his optic visor. While this process takes up to two minutes, depending on the size and strength of the one being scanned, he can keep the appearance for three hours.

Abilities: Doppleganger can take on the appearance of anyone he scans with his optic visor. Weaknesses: Doppleganger's flamethrower will take up practically all of his fuel if used too long. In addition he is not very accurate with his shoulder cannon

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