Name: Doubletake (MIA) Edit

Name: Doubletake

Faction: Autobot

Primary Function: Double Agent

Motto: "If you're gonna do it, do it with style." Alt mode: 2008 Aston Martin AMV10

Weaponry: (1) Modified scale Walter PPK pistol, 8 round magazine (2) Micro misisile launchers, six missiles each (2) Titanium buzzsaws

Special ability: Cloaking device

Profile: As one hailing to be of the blackest of top secret Autobot black ops, it is thus presently unknown if Autobot Doubletake is in any way related to the Armourcommando of the same name who recently served as an Autobot spy. Though he shares his namesake's nack for underhanded espionage, he is of an entirely different design with an equally dissimilar personality. Furthermore, he does not appear to be aware of the whereabouts of his predecessor.

Doubletake is an expert marksman, master of disguise, and a top professional in espionage, reconnaissance, and all around double-dealing. While his PPK may offer little threat in terms of raw power, his masterful aim with it is more than enough for any would-be opponent to carefully reconsider. However, when firepower is absolutely required, he keeps a missile launcher hidden within panels inside each of his door-wings, allowing them to fire over his shoulders. In vehicle mode, these missile launchers can likewise be deployed from the same panels within the doors. The missiles can either be dumb fired or laser guided.

In close-quarters combat, Doubletake may also rely upon dual titanium buzzsaws that can be swapped out with his hands. These buzzsaws may likewise be deployed from vehicle mode, where they typically remain hidden underneath the front bumper.

In his alternate mode, as an Earthen spy car, Doubletake possesses a number of non-weapon defensive devices, including rear-facing oil dispensers, a limited hover mode, smokescreen emitters, and a very basic submersible mode. None of these devices can harm an enemy, but serve as potential distractions, as Doubletake relies heavily on trickery as opposed to direct combat whenever the situation allows.

Doubletake possesses a cloaking device he is rather proud of, and will vanish from sight if (somehow) caught doing his dirty deeds. He must exercise discretion in using it, however, as it depletes energon at an alarming rate.

Lastly, Doubletake is literally a genius, in both tactics and technology. If it has circuits and running electricity, he can hack into it.

As an Autobot, Doubletake is fiercely loyal to the cause of universal peace and freedom, though he may deem various underhanded methods as a necessary means to that end. Among fellow Autobots, he is very friendly and sociable, and loves to tell stories of his various adventures to as large a crowd of friends as possible. He is never short of a smile, and enjoys showing off in front of his teammates. He also loves taunting and generally making fun of his enemies on the battlefield -- When he's not hiding and sneaking, he's insulting and laughing. Regardless of what activity he's engaging in, he always ensures he's having fun doing it. He will also stop at nothing to assist a friend in trouble.

Beyond that, the origin and background of this expert secret agent is entirely a mystery to even the Autobots themselves.

Weaknesses: Doubletake is lightly armored and not as skilled in CQC as his Armourcommando namesake was. He prefers speed, trickery, and cheap shots. If cornered with nowhere to run or hide, and thus forced into standard one-on-one combat, his combat skills are then average at best. It's trapping him that's the tricky part.

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